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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Giving It A Good Workout!

Blood is thicker than water and much more difficult to get out of the carpet - Woody Allen
Welcome to a humid, sweaty Tuesday.
Once we had breakfast, and I gave hubby a sloppy 💋, he left the house.
I had a date with a paint brush today!
I put on some old clothes...
I gave the garden a good water,
Hung more washing on the line.
Now for...↓
 Coffee and vitamin C.
The big black box of tools had to be dragged out from under the stairs and opened.
I found my sander....↓
 Once the 3 shelves were sanded down.
Going to give the paint brush a good work out!
 They were given 2 coats in total,
Dried out in the sunshine.
 Now to paint the kitchen cabinet...
 My vitamins were delivered,
As long as my son's new curtains for his bedroom↓
 While I was painting,
My kids went over to visit their Granddad.
A quick lunch↓
 I applied the second coats of paint to the kitchen cabinet.
It was getting well warm now.
Time for a sucky!
 Off to work I go....
 I came back with a lovely red face...
Ice Cream time!
The final delivery of the day..
A new curtain pole for my son's room!
(Fingers crossed it will be put up later!)  
The cabinet is now finished!
 While eating out tea,
It started to rain..
A mad dash to get all of the washing in.
 While there was a break in the rain.
I went off to do my final job of the day with some great music↓
 I came back home and it was still warm...
I ordered more paint,
As the other two 1960s units I have in the dining room is going to be repainted .
So I have a trio of cabinets in the same colour.
We had a good bout of thunder and lightening at about 1am.
Even with earplugs in,
I could still hear it!  

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Hide & Seek

Welcome to my Saturday.
Up early as normal...
 Breakfast for one...
I caught up with the remaining half an hour of "The Sound of the 60's".
Everyone surfaced by 8.30am.
Bedrooms to tidy.
Had a very early lunch as our kids were doing an activity at Hobbycraft for Father's Day.
 Wearing blue with a dash of red....↑
I took out Sexy Beast for a ride..
I popped into see a friend with her Birthday Card I made on Thursday↓
 Parks in the car park.
Nice view of the church↓
 Now off to do the activity.
I was stood like a spare part.
As I had to stay and watch, after 45 minutes of standing up, my back was starting to give away, so hubby took over, so I had walk off my back ache around Hobbycraft.
Another 30 minutes and they finished their Father's Day presents.
Now to enjoy the Webbs Experience.
 We did sit outside.
 Until we felt spots of rain.
So we sat inside.
Some of the staff was glad to see me.
I signed a leaving card for one who is leaving in 2 weeks.
It is well know I can make him blush....
 I chatted to a former parent of my son's First School. Her daughter is now in the same year as my son in High School.
After coffee we looked at the garden tables and chairs...
 We went outside to sit in the hut.
This is the view....↓
 We left Webbs.
Now onto Aldi to do my dad's shopping.
While I waited in my Sexy Beast...
George and Zippy were playing hide and seek around my hat...
 Drops off my dad's shopping.
Back home, with dark clouds following..
 Just Thunder no rain \o/
We had a quick tea.
Then to watch
 Not as good I thought it was :(
Back on Ebay it is going...
Just caught the sunset...
 Off to bed,
As a busy day ahead tomorrow...
It's Father's Day...
And we have vistors to entertain!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Putting Hubby's Hands To Some Good Use...

So much for a lie-in today...
I was up at 6.30am....
A bit early for housework...
Got bags of time to do it!
I pimped up my Lloyd Loom box,
by changing the fabric on the top!
 Hubby had his final lesson...
He has passed!
 Warm hands time 👐
Then we had some thunder and heavy rain... 

Got more tunes downloaded from Amazon music,
More singing along, dancing to, and adding my own backing vocals...
Later I will putting hubby's hands to some good use with some lovely smelling oils😏