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Monday 14 May 2018

Time For A Quick Play With K....

Welcome to the Monday Motivation!
The sun is shining once more :)

 Put the washing machine on.
Had a nice mocha..
As I was playing with Kenny,
I needed a good cupcake recipe...
Kenny stopping whimpering...
Time to play!
Once the cupcakes were in the oven.
The washing went on the line.
Busy morning for telephone calls
(The new gate was being used!)
 Decorated the cupcakes....
 Fudge & Coffee Cupcakes.
Now to try one...
 yummy :)
Off to water some plants in the sunshine..
 My wisteria is flowering :)
 Blue skies...
 My flowers are loving the sunshine...
Meat free stir fry. 
Having coffee and chat tomorrow...
Better put the mouth battery on charge...


Thursday 11 May 2017

Speak Up Please, I Am Wearing Big Big Sunglasses

Another sunny day ahead..
Those big big sunglasses are put to some use.
I heard my Kenny the Kenwood whimpering in the corner of my Dining Room.
I let him out for a little play...
The result of the play!
(Coffee & Walnut cupcakes) 
Even let my creative fingers do some work..
 I went to our local PACT meeting.
After I had my say, the meeting finished after 25 minutes....
Time to grab the rain mac!


Wednesday 26 October 2016

Play Time!

After a long night playing with the Gear Stick.
I got a much needed lie-in.
I had itchy baking hands..
Out came Kenny for a quick play
Witches Hats,Spiders, Ghosts and Pumpkin cup cakes.
Got Larry back!
(Direct hit to the bank account!)
More writing of the new book tonight..
Going to experiment on hubby some of the sex scenes I am writing about..
I'm sure he won't mind!

Sunday 16 October 2016

Hands That Works Wonders!

Had a lazy Sunday lie in which involved;
Playing with the gear stick,
Sipping on a cup of tea in bed.
We was going to look around a car boot,
Only it had been cancelled due to the rain we had..
Out comes Kenny the Kenwood to whip up some wonders...
Angel Cake.
Ghosty cupcakes...

No more playing with the gear stick for 5 days as:
 The Boat from Hunt for  Red October has docked for 5 days...:(
However, I'm sure my warm hand will be of some use!


Friday 6 May 2016

Steamy Windows...

Welcome to Friday...
Making the most of the sunshine.
2 lines of wet washing to dry out in this wonderful sunshine!
Kenny the Kenwood came out for a quick play.
Lemon Drizzle & chocolate cherry cupcakes were the end result.
I had compliments on how good they tasted from my co-workers.
I was thanked for the leaving card I made (and the 6 cakes I gave him too).
Might have to leave the bedroom window open tonight.
As we could end up with steamy windows.......

Friday 6 November 2015

Enjoyed A Threesome x

At last it's Friday!
Made it out alive during the first shift of JOB 1
Got home, slipped on the pinny.
Now for a gentle play with Henry the Hoover.
Then Kenny the Kenwood joined in too!
Chocolate and Fudge cupcakes were baked.
Followed by a Indulgent Chocolate Torte.
Pinny off.
Dodging traffic on the second shift of JOB 1
No road rage incidents to report.
Now to try out a cupcake....

Saturday 4 July 2015

Birthday Party Time!

It's Saturday once more..
The Sun's shining...
Kenny the Kenwood been so busy this morning,
3 different kinds of cupcakes, double chocolate chip,lemon and coffee cupcakes.
We held a Joint Birthday party for our 2 sons at Phoenix Scalextric Circuit.
6 big kids and 6 kids racing against each other
James and Jack both received medals for finishing 2nd & 3rd!
I tasted the double chocolate chip cupcake...
Oh it tasted so good...... 

Sunday 21 June 2015

Cheering The Duck On

Today is Father's Day.
My hubby had cards and hugs off our kids.
We headed off to Coughton Court.
We were armed with cool box and a flask of coffee.
I even brought along some Mocha Walnut cupcakes I made in the morning.
We took part in the Duck Race.
Little yellow plastic ducks with numbers on,get tipped out into the river,
They float down the river,
The first 3 ducks to the finish line, wins prizes for their owners!

Wednesday 1 April 2015

A Little Bit Of Baking ...

Today has been April fool’s Day.
I was nobody’s fool this morning.
The pain in my mouth is still there.
I kept my mind off the pain doing some housework,
And a little bit of baking.
Lemon flavoured Easter Cupcakes!
Yum yum!


Monday 19 January 2015

Let Them Eat My Cake!

I had a mid morning meeting for my first job.
I rustled up some lemon cupcakes ....
No one said no to my cupcakes.
I had some left over,
So I took some over to my dad's.
He didn't say no either...
He just dropped the cherry !