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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Putting It In....

It's Saturday....
Time for "Sound of the 60's" 
Tea in bed!
 Has some fun playing with the gear stick..
Now for breakfast...
The time was going fast...
 Puts the Angel Cake in the car ready to take part in the local Bake Off comp.
I hand my cake in and pay £3.
Now to enjoy cake & coffee
Has a go on the raffle..
My cake got judged...
 I didn't make the top 3...
I however I did make the fifth spot out of the eleven.
Hubby won some Dove products off his raffle ticket.
 Now to get back home for a light snack..
More Bake Off...
Hubby did my dad's shopping.
Now for chop chop...
Steak,with vegetables...
We caught up with the first episode of Masterchief...
Food shopping will have to wait until Wednesday...
Amazing what with little money,
Some great meals I can cook...
More playtime using my hands....

Friday, 10 August 2018

Give Me An Angel Anytime!

Woo Hoo it's here...
 Chill with tea↓
 Coffee and toast time..
 No sun out today.
Fed the ducks around the lake.
 Met my friend for a chat.
It started to rain, so we all took shelter...
Went back to hers for coffee.
Strocked her doggies..
 Said goodbye.
Dropped the newspaper around at my dads.
 Just got home,
The thunder, rain and hail stones...
 The wind got up and was knocking over my plants...↓↓
 I gave up on the chocolate cake I made yesterday.
Out came the reliable Kenny the Kenwood.
 After using 8 eggs, I done the first butterless sponge.
 I had to nip to Asda to get more eggs, coconut and strawberries...
Made another sponge....
 Angel Cake

 The Chocolate cake is going with hubby to work on Monday, to raise money for Dementia Charity.
Now to put my warm hands to more good use.....

Monday, 17 October 2016

Getting Back On It....

I nearly went back to sleep this morning.
Good job the radio was a bit louder, or it would have been more  Zzz for me!
Back on the wobbly work wheel for me...
The moon and sun were both out..
I had the normal Monday madness..
Back home for the pleasures of my own housework.
Gentle play with Henry.
Dancing with the mop and bucket.
Even managed to fit in a chapter of the new book!
Had over 6,000 views of my Angel Cake on Twitter :)
3 days to go, and my kids and I break up for half term...
Then the fun starts......

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Hands That Works Wonders!

Had a lazy Sunday lie in which involved;
Playing with the gear stick,
Sipping on a cup of tea in bed.
We was going to look around a car boot,
Only it had been cancelled due to the rain we had..
Out comes Kenny the Kenwood to whip up some wonders...
Angel Cake.
Ghosty cupcakes...

No more playing with the gear stick for 5 days as:
 The Boat from Hunt for  Red October has docked for 5 days...:(
However, I'm sure my warm hand will be of some use!