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Saturday 3 August 2019

Party In The Airing Cupboard

Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn't done it - Evan Esar
Welcome to my Saturday.
Such a big lie-in, I missed "Sounds of the 60s" :(
(I will catch up later with it)  
We have the plumber returning this morning to fit the part to our 13 year old boiler.
As from Wednesday, we have had no hot water....
Plenty of water gun fights outside instead of showering..
 When we got up,
We enjoyed toast and coffee..
 While waiting for the Plumber.
I put a second coat of paint on my big 1960s unit..↓
(It's not orange no more!)
Changed the colour of my other unit too.
(It's not blue anymore)
As normal, run out of paint!
I had Alexa booming out the 60s hits from the kitchen, when the Plumbers arrived to fit the new part.
One Plumber said:
"We are having a party in your Airing cupboard!"
I replied,"I already have the music, just to need fit the glitter ball!." 
After an hour they had done the job!
Hot water is back...
Woo Hoo! 
Hubby had came back from dads, he had installed his new microwave...As the old one started to smoke!
Back to tidying up our youngest son's bedroom.
He has had that room for the last 6 years.
I can see he has inherited my hoarding skills ;)
 One of my kids has mastered crochet↑
 Light lunch with coffee↑↓
 At 8pm, it was time to leave alone our son's bedroom..
We had tea.
Then to catch up with more Louis:
with part 2.
It was coming up to midnight......
Time to enjoy the hubby a bit more ;) 


Sunday 4 March 2018

Waxing The Hook...

I got up far too early for a Sunday..
 Nibble time...
 I was making a good friend's Get Well Card,
As I am dropping in to see her later in hospital.
Coffee and crochet hook primed and ready.
 Card done \o/
The temperature outside is going ↑↑↑
Now to have a little ride to hospital...
 The snow going at last..
 Magazines and card ready to be dropped off..
 Breathing in some fresh air...
After having a good yak,
With my friend and a Nurse I made friends with while I was in the same Ward.
Hubby went to do the food shopping in Lidl.
Beg steal or borrow a loaf of bread!!
Looks like my breadmaker has to be dusted down and the plug re-attached...
 Going going going?
 It starts to rain...
 Then we have a double rainbow 🌈
 We had a nice shepherd's pie with sliced potatoes.
(As my kids don't like mashed potato!)
Then kids had to get all the school things ready for tomorrow..
(lots of groans soon followed)
I will be starting my Poetry course while the house is quiet.
(Not much chance of there being quiet, while I do my little sing-a-longs...)


Sunday 19 November 2017

The Only Pleasure I Have....Gone!

No such thing as a lie-in for me.
However I started off with a healthy nibble.
Followed by:
While I was carrying on with my crochet,
Hubby went shopping.
He bought back a lovely chocolate orange flavoured coffee...
I enjoyed two sips of it,
When one of sons kicked the stool where the coffee was:
Oh dear, none left!
Let's hope I don't have any more accidents this week!

Sunday 5 November 2017

Trying Not To Get Hooked!

I had a quiet Sunday.
I got to use my new toy alot. 
Hubby & kids went to the NEC on the 🚉 
I carried on with my crochet
Nice lunch
More crochet
Nice tea
Hubby got me some nice things from the shows. 
I will have a ultrasound tomorrow, 
To see how bad the leg is... 🕵️
In the meantime let's play with some wool and & hook.... 

Saturday 27 December 2014

Hook,Line & Flower!

While watching The Great British Bake Off,
My fingers were itching to do something.
So out came the crochet hook and wool.
Amazing what I can do!
Now it's attached to my coat!