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Saturday 12 May 2018

Everyone Need A Halo!

The weekend has arrived with sunshine!
 The sun had its own Halo!
We nipped into Dunelm...
To brighten my dad's house up..
Off to see some bluebells..
We visited Hanbury Church...
With the sun halo..
 Now to admire the views...

My kids were off to walk to the Jinny Ring..

Picked up our kids.
Now to enjoy a much needed coffee..
 Looked around the plants...
 While hubby did my dad's shopping.
I had a singing date with Alexa..
 Later on, we caught with part 2...
 Then to check up on how we got on in the Eurovision Contest...
We finished third from bottom....:(
One of my favourite songs we did in the Eurovision was over 40 years ago...
 I started to sing "Puppet on a String,"
In my Hubby's ear before he fell asleep... 

Sunday 4 March 2018

Waxing The Hook...

I got up far too early for a Sunday..
 Nibble time...
 I was making a good friend's Get Well Card,
As I am dropping in to see her later in hospital.
Coffee and crochet hook primed and ready.
 Card done \o/
The temperature outside is going ↑↑↑
Now to have a little ride to hospital...
 The snow going at last..
 Magazines and card ready to be dropped off..
 Breathing in some fresh air...
After having a good yak,
With my friend and a Nurse I made friends with while I was in the same Ward.
Hubby went to do the food shopping in Lidl.
Beg steal or borrow a loaf of bread!!
Looks like my breadmaker has to be dusted down and the plug re-attached...
 Going going going?
 It starts to rain...
 Then we have a double rainbow 🌈
 We had a nice shepherd's pie with sliced potatoes.
(As my kids don't like mashed potato!)
Then kids had to get all the school things ready for tomorrow..
(lots of groans soon followed)
I will be starting my Poetry course while the house is quiet.
(Not much chance of there being quiet, while I do my little sing-a-longs...)