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Sunday 19 March 2023

Happy Mother's Day!

It's not easy being a Mother, If it was easy, Fathers would do it - 
Dorothy - The Golden Girls  
 Mother's Day
Welcome to my Mother's Day 🌺
Lots to do and see.... 
Once I got up, I got the Flask ready to take.
Breakfast and Brew.
Then I put on a short sleeved thermal vest.
Loaded up the car.
Then off we go...
Nice view of a plane landing ↓
Took a picture of the car park to remember where we parked the car!
Now to walk to the show.
Found a load of Teslas parked up.
We got to the show,
(After getting through the metal detectors)
Hubby let the trolley fall over twice.
(We found out much later when getting the flask out of the trolley, the flask has smashed!)
We wasn't very impressed with the first hall we went in.
Moved onto the second hall. 
I met up with my friend from Scotland.
I got some more Minions material.
We sat down for twenty minutes to enjoy the spot of coffee we could get from the smashed coffee flask.
We went back around the second hall.
I got some sequin material.
Then we walked back to the car.
It started spitting with rain when we were walking. Got back to the car just in time.
Now for a nice drive home.
Unpacked all my bargains.
Lunch time.
We pumped a balloon and put it and the flowers in
Sexy Beast.
Now out for ride in Sexy Beast.
First to check the tyre pressures.
Now to see my parents...
Flowers and a balloon were given.
Nothing from the other two siblings.
No surprise there. 
Off to town to collect two magic bags.
Nice view from the car park.
Gets some nice bits for the garden.
Collects the Magic Bags from Starbucks.
Back home to put out the nice bits in the garden.
Both sons were back.
Nice to be spoilt :)
12 inch of The Race by Yello
(The Shorter version is at the end of this blog post)
Nice wall hanging too :)
Cup of tea is needed.
Heardle Time.
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My results:
I put the tea in the oven.
While that is cooking.
A quick look in this weekend's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1964:
Billy J.Kramer & The Dakotas - Little Children
Tea is ready.
 Sleep Tea Time.
Then we watch half an hour of:
Then it's off to bed, all ready for that Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow! 






Sunday 26 June 2022

Magic Mystery Tour....

If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it - J.P.Morgan

Welcome to my Sunday 🚫
We wakes up early,
As we are off to the Creative Craft Show at the NEC.
Before anything else...
It's Heardle time....
 Son's answers↓
Time for breakfast with brew.
Now for a little ride in Sexy Beast.
Going on the motorway was fun...
Younger son's Birthday request was read out on the radio for Wednesday.
They played a good Wings song for him↓
Parks in the car park.
Now off to look around the show
I had to go through a metal detector...
I did my normal twirl through it.
Made the Security men laugh.
Now onto the show...
I got chatting to a nice stall holder↓
I bought some things off her.
I asked her how much it was a stall for the 4 days?
"£600, and she hasn't broke even yet!"
I suggested to her to go on "Dragon's Den".
She would think about it.
This time the Creative Craft was really small.
Walked around in half an hour.
Time for coffee..
They didn't have no WHOLE milk.
So it was either SOYA or SEMI-SKIMMED milk.
I chose the Soya....
I could taste the soya milk and not the coffee!
We walked around once more.
Met my nice Scottish lady who only came down to sell off some bits of material.
It was nice to have a catch-up.
Bought some lovely material.
It was slowly starting to get busy.
We walked back to Sexy Beast. 
Someone in front was wearing a nice dress,
Going to look for that dress later when I get home...
This is where the fun starts...
Starts on the way home,
Hubby lost his bearings on the roundabout to the motorway, and ended up going the wrong way!
No roadsigns on the motorway.
We had to get off the next Services.
One large strong coffee and a nibble.
Back on the motorway.
Gets off at Junction 3, and back on the otherside of the motorway.
It didn't help the hubby left it late for me to change lanes to get back onto the right motorway home!
Finally got off the motorway!
Nipped into Morrisons to get some bits.
More fun I had!
I bought some reduced cake items...
None of the barcodes would work.
I had to type in 7 different barcodes.
Then the red light came on!!!
The assistant turned off the light.
Now to get back to Sexy Beast. 
Finally back home!
Unpacks the goodies from what I bought from the Craft Show.
Hubby makes a cup of brew.
Much needed cup of brew needed.
I get on with writing two blog posts.
Fry up some chicken, with garlic, mushroom, and tomatoes with added rice.
It was so nice, I didn't get to take a photo of it.
Still couldn't get this weekend's i newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1976:
Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything.
UK No.1 on this in 1982:
Charlene - I've Never Been To Me.
USA No.1 on this day in 1961:
Gary U.S Bonds - Quarter To Three
USA No.1 on this day in 1965:
The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man.
Sleep tea time..
Early night time.
All ready to get on that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow 🍭