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Wednesday 7 March 2018

Designing,Making, & Playing...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
My son wanted to me to make a card for his favourite TA who is leaving on Friday.
(She helps in Breakfast Club)
So after everyone had a quick 💋
I got down to it...
 So much craft crap...
The Dining Room looked like a 💣 had hit it!
While making the card, 
Alexa was busy delivering the tunes...
  1. Happy Tunes 
  2. Best of Oasis
  3. Best of Fleetwood Mac
The finished card..
 I whipped up a "Goodbye" wreath too.
Liquid Lunch soon followed..
Had a quick play with Henry..
 Then its back to chop chop for the Evening Meal...
The ingredients were:
Pork Steaks,
Lemon Juice,
400g Charlotte potatoes halved,
Feta cheese. 
 It looks like I will be having a play with Kenny tomorrow....
As my son's favourite TA will have some cupcakes made by another Leaving Present.
 Now the itchy baking hand can stop itching! 

Sunday 4 March 2018

Waxing The Hook...

I got up far too early for a Sunday..
 Nibble time...
 I was making a good friend's Get Well Card,
As I am dropping in to see her later in hospital.
Coffee and crochet hook primed and ready.
 Card done \o/
The temperature outside is going ↑↑↑
Now to have a little ride to hospital...
 The snow going at last..
 Magazines and card ready to be dropped off..
 Breathing in some fresh air...
After having a good yak,
With my friend and a Nurse I made friends with while I was in the same Ward.
Hubby went to do the food shopping in Lidl.
Beg steal or borrow a loaf of bread!!
Looks like my breadmaker has to be dusted down and the plug re-attached...
 Going going going?
 It starts to rain...
 Then we have a double rainbow 🌈
 We had a nice shepherd's pie with sliced potatoes.
(As my kids don't like mashed potato!)
Then kids had to get all the school things ready for tomorrow..
(lots of groans soon followed)
I will be starting my Poetry course while the house is quiet.
(Not much chance of there being quiet, while I do my little sing-a-longs...)


Sunday 3 December 2017

Cut, Stick & Stamp...

I was a bit early getting up today.
 Had a early nibble with a cup of tea...
 Then the pom pom wreath was fixed to the wall.
More nibbles
I got the table out for more crafting with foot up.
 Loads of Christmas card crap to choose from....↓
 Hubby went on the search for sausage meat, 
He brought me back coffee :)
 After 4 hours and making 17 Christmas cards,
It was time to put the table away!
Next on the list.....
Put the Christmas tree up 😟 


Friday 11 August 2017

It Had To Happen...!

Loads of Friday Feeling to burn up today,
So now to warm my fingers up....
It's time to make a Birthday card for a dear friend....
I had the owl salt lamp burning in the background.
I put all my card crap away...
Then it happened...↓
Bottle of green glitter opened up all over the carpet.... 
Put it all back...
Delivered the card and present..
 Now to enjoy more Friday Feeling...


Sunday 11 June 2017

Clock Turns To 13!

Nice lie in on this sunny Sunday morning...
Took "Sexy Beast " for a ride out...
First food shopping trip...
 Nice present for someone?
Enjoyed a coffee & toast ...
Made 3 Birthday cards for this week..\o/
Finished my son's Birthday cake for tomorrow....
 He officially is a teenager tomorrow...


Friday 2 June 2017

Getting My Fingers To Do Some Work...

The weather changed...
 Had to put away the factor 50 suncream for the time being.
*As we are going to a wedding tomorrow...*
Time for some card making supplies to make appearance..
That's the Wedding card made...
Wrapped up the present..
My pink wedding hat will just have to come out....