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Monday 19 December 2016

Keeping My Hands Busy!

I didn't have to get up THIS early this morning..
It was nice to wave hubby off to work \o/
I had more cards to make...
 After I posted them.
Someone was glad to see me..
I found a ideal boxset to watch over Christmas
(Then I remembered I have it already.)
So I bought a plate instead! 

Thursday 15 December 2016

Rolling Out The Pink Fondant...

So much to do, so little time to get it all done!
I move the cake making crap to one side.
Now the card making crap comes out...
 I know I'm a perfectionist, but after 2 hours,
I only got 4 Xmas cards made!!!!
Now to get the top of the cake done...
Plenty of playing with pink fondant going on late into the night!!
Lots of swears as well!!!
Grand unveiling tomorrow....

Monday 26 September 2016

Through Gritted Teeth....

Back on the wobbly work wheel..
Suffering from tooth ache which isn't helping.
Clove oil being used as soon as the pain gets really bad....
Managed to get into see Dentist tomorrow!
Now to make a Birthday card...
Card and present all wrapped up...
I did tell my hubby that Clove oil is strong:
 He sniffed the smell coming from my mouth:
 it nearly burnt off an eye-brow! 
Oh the pain of tooth ache....


Tuesday 16 August 2016

Something Old, Something New!

The day didn't go too well..
Hubby went to change the kitchen bin....
The bag split open....all over the floor...
He was late for work, so I finished scooping the remains back into the bin!
Trying to get out house early,
No chance!
Made a Birthday card while waiting for kids to get ready!
Had something special delivered to my house...
However, as from last night, I have been watching one of my favourite TV programmes:
(Dalziel & Pascoe) that is being repeated on the Drama channel...


Friday 17 June 2016

Playing With My Card Making Crap!

We have finally reached Friday...
The Friday Feeling is back...
So is Larry back on the road...
I cleared all my busy schedules for this morning..
Loads of card making to do...
Birthday Cards
 A Bereavement card
Will be making a special card tomorrow for a extra special Dad for Sunday
(me at 18 months)

Friday 7 August 2015

Playing With The Sausage!

It's Friday once more.
I dug deep into my craft crap,
I made two cards.
One wedding and one Birthday.
this weekend.
My hubby is moaning he is well tired.
He is blaming work, I blame me...
Time for sausages for tea
First I had to prick them,
That brought back memories!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Nice To See You,To See You Nice..

Woo hoo it's only 2 job Tuesday today.
So what have I been doing with all these spare time I hear you ask?
Catching up on my card making...
2 Birthday cards completed, one more to go.
I had to ignore little brother's attempts to come in for 5 minutes...
That 5 minutes would turn into 2 hours, and I wouldn't get nothing done..
Hopefully he had gone round to see our dad instead,
As he hasn't been round to see him since last Friday....

Monday 15 June 2015

Give Me Strength!

I am having one of those days...
Trying to make another Birthday card.
I couldn't get the hang of this Quilling lark,
So threw the Birthday card over the other side of the room in temper!
"A five year old could do better!" I sobbed!
Nice hug from hubby, soon settled me down.
Cup of tea later.
Soon got the card finally finished 
Grand unveiling on Wednesday,
Now to plan my Father's Day card for Sunday...
This is my first Quilling Birthday Card I made yesterday
Called "Basket of wool with Knitting Needles!"