Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

What A Wet One!

Music is a higher revelation then all wisdom and philosophy - Ludwig Van Beethoven
I am going to enjoy today....
Plenty of sunshine to do some gardening, I thought! 
My children told me at 7am, 
They had left their school bags at Granddads yesterday. I had to get dressed and grab my rain mac, as it was raining heavily!
 Picked up newspaper on the way round.
Got both school bags.
One son turned down a lift to school,
I dropped my other son near the school, 
 As I had to wait for Poundstretcher to open
 I got 6 of them
Then off to Morrisons to get more cleaning supplies.
I saw my friend down there. She said:"Once her mum passes away, she is moving to Spain, as it's getting too expensive to live  here!"
I said, "Once Brexit happens, you might be the only English person living in Spain!"
I get back in the rain to enjoy a much needed Coffee↓
 I take Alexa upstairs with me, to sort out the bags of clothes, CDs and DVDs. And to make a space where the wardrobe is going...
Lots of good 60s tunes to listen to.
After 3 hours of singing...
Liquid Lunch!
 I had a rare day off from my dinnertime job.
They went on a school trip.
Back to tidying up the bedroom.
I was up for some paid cleaning then.
I did my cleaning job,
And came back to make leeks, ham, mushrooms in cheese sauce↓
Hubby went to see my dad.
I went off to do my other job with some great music...
  I got back and the other wardrobe was finally up!
Let's hope we have a sweaty Hump day tomorrow not a wet one!🐫 

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