Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 3 June 2019

Entering The Men's Den

Don't you just love feeling fresh and full of life on a Monday! I pity the fools waking up with a hangover!
It's time to mount the wobbly work wheel 🎡
 The alarm clock was back to being used.
The nudge was also back...
 I gave everyone sloppy 💋💋💋 before they left the house.
I enjoyed a first coffee of the day.
 Then I got a message my rug had been delivered.....
I looked at the photo of where the rug was delivered to...↓
It was put in the scrapped van over the road!
Good job I knew where the Landy van is situated!
 I can down put it down on the hall floor.
I had some liquid lunch
 The sunshine is back↓
 The temperatures are going up↗↗
 Quick read of the newspaper↑
 Those dark clouds are coming in...↓
 After I finished,
I now was to enter the men's Den.
I was wearing my favourite t-shirt
I had 6 men waiting for their orders before me. Two women were working behind the till.
All the men kept looking at me.
(I guess they liked the t-shirt!)
I did ask the woman behind the till if they have a lot of female customers. She did say yes ....
She also like my t-shirt!
I collected my order.
Back home
 I enjoyed a coffee and nibble↓
I went to my other job.
Came back to find my 
 amazon order had arrived.
 Some good films have arrived.
 I did my final job of the day.
 I watched the sun go down before I made the King Size bed all mine!

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