Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Switching Hats & Spinning Plates

If you are too busy to develop your talents, you are too busy.
- Julia Cameron
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
I heard on the radio, 
It was Best Teacher was trending on Twitter.
My favourite teacher was Mr Irwin, who taught me at First School, back in 1979!  
Good t-shirt time to be put on..
 First Hat of the Day...
It didn't help, I tried to juggle a box of nails and a box of picture hanging hooks...
Now to move about the pictures in my bathroom!
 I needed some positivity after that fun!
I lost out on a matching bedroom set on Sunday by 80p on Ebay. 
Surprise Surprise the seller relisted it again.
I gets in contact with him, he puts it on a buy it now price on what I bidded on Sunday and I won it!
Now to sort out a price with younger brother to fetch it.... 
My brother came back with a quote £10 higher than the same quote, he gave me on Sunday.I put some quotes out for other Man With A Van services. 
Liquid Lunch time↓
 My friend who I used to see on a Tuesday, phoned and we had a little catch up before I had to leave for work.
Gets out of the house and look what was in the way!
 I knock on the driver's window,
"Could you just move down abit please?"
I ask.
He looks around his curtain and says,
"I'm moving now!"
 Fingers crossed no rain
 Quick peek at the newspaper↓
 Hopefully no rain clouds↓
 Just as I get into work, my dad phones and says he has run out milk!
I tell him to phone the younger brother, as hubby and I are at work!
Hat Number 2.
Dish up Dinners
After I finished, 
I had a lovely red face!
Plenty of good tunes to sing along with on the way home!
 My brother is still arguing over the quote he gave me.Then he goes back to the earlier quote from Sunday!
I did get some good news however.
I have been given more hours with one of other jobs \o/
While I was at one of those other jobs, the carer for my dad phoned. She was still grumbling why my hubby sold the car to someone else.....and not to her.
I repeated what she told my hubby last Friday..
"If someone else is interested and wants the car, let them have it!"
Which we did. She wasn't forthcoming with a deposit for it,so we sold it to someone else! 
Cooking Evening Meal Hat
Mince, garlic, spinach, red onions all cooked up and put in a toasted Pitta Bread.
Then off to do my final job of the day with some cracking music to sing-a-long with!
When I got back home, 
I had missed the heavy rain we had.

 My younger brother comes round with his wife to collect the money to pick up the stuff I won off Ebay.
By the time they left,
I couldn't find the 
Blogging Hat to wear! 
Now to enjoy the rest of Hump Day in bed🐪


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