Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Tuesday Thinking

People do not change,they are merely revealed - Annie Enright
I didn't have my normal lie-in.
I had to squeeze in a trip to Morrisons to get some urgent supplies..
 At least the sun is coming up!
I ran out of time to make my good friend a Birthday Card...
(At least I didn't forget ;))↓
 I gets back just in time↓
 Quick coffee & Liquid Lunch
Before I go out again
 Those dark clouds are back..
 Trying out a new CD to listen to.
It's a bit of a hit and miss on some of the songs. One of my favourites is on there..
I had a quick read of the newspaper↓
 Fingers crossed for dry weather
 The rain kept off \o/
Back on the road again...
 I had to tip some water out of some garden pots and the poor plants were drowning in water.
After our tea, I went over to see my dad.
He had the normal moans about my younger brother not coming around enough to see him.  
I did say stopping in bed causes a lot of over-thinking.....
He didn't listen and carried on with his moaning.
At least there was some pie to enjoy when we got back..
 Let's hope I don't have a troublesome Hump Day tomorrow 🐫


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