Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Shouldn't Throw Stones In Glass Houses!

To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today - anon
One B-I-G L-I-E I-N today 🛏
I had sent in a Birthday request for my hubby's Birthday for tomorrow and my eldest son on Wednesday to be read out on the 📻
They didn't play the request :(
My email probably ended up in the 
  Once we finally got up,
So many things to do...
Washing machine went on 4 times,
followed by the tumble drier..... 
Unloaded the dish washer 
Loaded it back up.
While hubby and kids went to do a minimum food shop...
I went off to work....
with some good tunes to listen to...
When I got back,
I had to tidy up my kitchen,
Order a new mop,
the final birthday present for my youngest son.
While making my hubby's birthday card.
The ex-plum phones again....
(Second time in 6 months.....)
(Could he be after a Birthday Card 
Father's Day Card?????)
 He asks "What my youngest son want to be after he leaves school?"
My son replies "Chief"
Ex-plum then says a nasty comment about my cooking...
Let's hope my youngest son doesn't take after him either↓↓
(Ex-plum's attempt of cooking a burger!)
I finished making my hubby's Birthday Card.
I'm going to enjoy my hubby's company tomorrow, as he has got the day off from work!
Now to get everything ready to mount the Wobby Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow.... 


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