Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Finding The Bed!

People do not change, they are merely revealed - Anne Enright
So much for a lie-in.
It didn't help we slept on the sofa overnight,as we couldn't get to the bed....↓ 
 They played my son's Birthday request (for next Saturday) ...on our local radio station.
They even played a song from one of his favourite artists...
Now out in the sexy beast↓
 I drop off my dad's newspaper to him.
Then I dropped off my kids at the meeting with their dad.
(After not seeing him for 18 months!)
I come back for coffee and nibble↓
 After nearly three hours of trying to put the first wardrobe together.
(Not getting very far!)
We went to Dunelm and Lidl to keep our mind off the bedroom for a moment!
 We put up the new voiles in the bedroom window...
 We go and see my dad.
The old wardrobe is waiting to be collected by my younger brother...↓
 We moved the stuff off the bed.
Once we got the first wardrobe made up, the wardrobe rail breaks off!!!!
Back onto Amazon to get a new stronger one!
Back to sleep in the bed at last!
(With the ear plugs!) 

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