Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 10 May 2019

So Glad It's Friday!

It's always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves..they tend to spill over..- Kai Sinclair
Roll on to the Friday Feeling 🍾🍾
I had the normal nudge for tea ⛾
I had to leave early to get a card and present for a Spanish teacher that my son likes very much...
Kissed hubby πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Oh dear I found a nail by my hubby's car...
Someone must try harder!
 Card and presents↑
Drops son off near school...
Now onto coffee and chat↓
B3 time↑
 coffee time↓
 Had a good yak...
Now off to work..Had a quick look at the birthdays ↓
 Taurean Blacque (born Herbert Middleton, Jr.)is an American television and stage actor, best known for his role as Detective Neal Washington on the series Hill Street Blues. He has said he chose the name "Taurean" because his astrological sign is Taurus. He also is a past national spokesman for adoptive services, having been one of the first single black men in the United States to adopt a child Blacque is a born-again Christian and has told reporters that his faith influenced his desire to be involved with adoption.
He is 78 years old.
Graham  Gouldman: is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He has been the only constant member of the art rock band 10cc. 
 Between 1965 and 1967 alone he wrote "For Your Love", "Heart Full of Soul" and "Evil Hearted You" for the Yardbirds, "Look Through Any Window" (with Charles Silverman) and "Bus Stop" for the Hollies, "Listen People", "No Milk Today" and "East West" for Herman's Hermits, "Pamela, Pamela" for Wayne Fontana, "Behind the Door" for St. Louis Union (covered by Cher), "Tallyman" for Jeff Beck and "Going Home", which was a 1967 Australian hit for Normie Rowe.
He is 73 years old.
Donovan (born Donovan Philips Leitch): is a Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist. He developed an eclectic and distinctive style that blended folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia, and world music (notably calypso). He has lived in Scotland, Hertfordshire (England), London, California, and since at least 2008 in County Cork, Ireland, with his family. Emerging from the British folk scene, Donovan reached fame in the United Kingdom in early 1965 with live performances on the pop TV series Ready Steady Go!.
He is 73 years old.  
  Gary Daly is a vocalist/keyboardist.He is  one of the founder members of Liverpool band China Crisis.
China Crisis had moderate success in the United Kingdom in the 1980s with five Top 40 singles and three Top 40 albums. The band also achieved a modest level of commercial success in Western Europe and Australia, and some minor chart successes in the Americas.
He is 57 years old.
Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur;) was an American actress. She began her career as a dancer in traveling theatrical companies before debuting as a chorus girl on Broadway. Crawford then signed a motion picture contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1925; her career would span decades, studios and controversies. 
She died aged 73 in 1977.
"Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco hits #1 on UK pop chart in 1986
 Hoping the rain keeps off..
 Few spots of rain, then it got warm.
Back home in warm temperatures↓
 Nice nibbles and coffee↑
 Off to work I go....
I came back to
Check the drive and pavement for screws and nails....
We have a lovely roast pork evening meal.
We caught up with:

It was turning cold.....
Jumped into bed with a warm body,
 with added  Friday Feeling...🍾🍾

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