Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Enjoying The 80s Music!

I have done a series in the '60s, '70s and '80s.
- Lee Majors

Welcome to my Thursday.....
I had the normal nudge for tea..
I gave everyone big πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
I enjoyed a coffee and nibble
Loaded up the dishwasher..
I put out the black bins...
Early lunch...
Now for some fresh air...
 It is not very warm, and it keeps raining :(
Let's have a look at the Birthdays.
 Irene Joan Marion Sims, known as Joan Sims: was an English actress remembered for her roles in the Carry On films, including Carry On Nurse (1959), Carry On Cleo (1964) and Carry On Camping (1969). She played Mrs. Wembley, the cook with a liking for sherry in On the Up (1990–92), and Madge Hardcastle in As Time Goes By (1994–98).
She would have been 89 years old.
(She died aged 71 in 2001) 
 Albert Finney was an English actor who worked in film, television and theatre. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and worked in the theatre before attaining prominence on screen in the early 1960s, debuting with The Entertainer (1960), directed by Tony Richardson, who had previously directed him in the theatre. He maintained a successful career in theatre, film and television. 
He would have been 83 years old.
(He died in February 2019 aged 82)
Glenda  Jackson : is an English actress and former Labour Party politician. A professional actress from the late 1950s onwards, Jackson spent four years as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1964, and was particularly associated with the work of director Peter Brook. She has won two Academy Awards for Best Actress: for Women in Love (1970) and A Touch of Class (1973). She has also won awards for her performances as Alex in the film Sunday Bloody Sunday and in the BBC television serial Elizabeth R (both 1971); receiving two Primetime Emmy Awards for the latter.
She is 83 years old.
Pete Birrell (born Peter Birrell): is a former British pop musician.
 Trained as an electrician, he played bass guitar in the group Freddie and the Dreamers, which had a number of hit records between 1963 and 1964.
After the Dreamers broke up, Birrell became the chauffeur to the Lord Mayor of Manchester until he retired.
He is 78 years old.
Paul  Heaton:  is an English singer-songwriter.
Heaton was frontman of the Housemartins, who had success with the singles "Happy Hour" and the number-one "Caravan of Love" in 1986 before disbanding in 1988. He then formed the Beautiful South, whose debut single and album was released in 1989 to commercial success and continued with a series of hits throughout the 1990s, including the number-one single "A Little Time". They disbanded in 2007. 
He is 57 years old.
Roberto Concina  known professionally as Robert Miles: was a Swiss-born Italian record producer, composer, musician and DJ. He is best known for his composition "Children".
He died aged 47 in 2017.
Peter & Gordon release "World Without Love"in 1964

 Those rain clouds are still hovering...
 Pops into see my dad after work.
I gets back home↓
 Nice hot coffee↓
I had a phone call from the CMS about my maintenance problem.
I knew more what was going on than the man on the phone.
Amazing I am having April's maintenance in the next few days \o/
Now I can sort out our kid's Birthday presents for next month 🎈🎈🎈
Now onto the other job
Anyone want cake? 
 I go and clean in the factory..
They have some 80's tunes blasting away...
I hear,"What's this load of crap?" about a tune being played...
I said "It's not crap...!"
Then I carried on singing....
"Misfit, Misfit.....!"
(The song is at the end of this blog post)
I was brought up on 80's music!
Back at home. 
 Oh dear I missed my Amazon Delivery Driver↓
 I got my Amazon Delivery↓
 We have a lovely pie and mash for our evening meal.
Hubby sorted out the hacking problem of my dad's bank account....
He got a refund of £67.. 
I am getting excited for my Webbs Experience tomorrow..🍾🍾
The Friday Feeling 🍾🍾 

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