Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 31 May 2019

Not A Pissed Up Dancer!

“Well, don’t worry about it. We all get obsessed sometimes. The important thing is to drop it before you start yakking on and on to someone who doesn’t give a rats ass.” -
Martin Crane in Frasier.
Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🍾
We are off to a Retirement meal tonight.
(Not bad, considering the last time we were invited out was nearly six months ago!) 
We go to town in the morning..
 We park in Car Park 1
 They have found us!!!
Once we got our bits,
We are a sneaky coffee to take out!
 I sorted out the Birthday Card.
 I think there are problems with putting on the next level of scaffold....↓
 Now to get ready to go out for our meal at the Retirement Party.
  I have matching dress and handbag...
We parked my the river.
We got some nice seats. 
While we were waiting for our meals to arrive.
One co-worker of my hubby's struck up a conversation with me.
I was asked by the person sitting next to me why I wasn't drinking alcohol.
My response was:
"I have been tea-total for six years!"
The co-worker piped up..
"I have been for 13 years!"
(I didn't realise it was a competition!) 
He does a lot of ballroom dancing.
Then he said:
"I don't want to be a pissed up dancer!"
He then started to scroll down on his phone looking at Facebook. 
My meal looked like meatballs in rich sauce.
Good job I ordered salad and a naan bread! 
The co-worker was still talking about himself for a good two hours.
So reminds of...
(me me me me me)
We went straight home after the meal.

Perhaps I should put lights up on the scaffording?

Now to enjoy some Friday Feeling🍾🍾

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