Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 27 May 2019

Making The Most Of Monday!

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.- Steven Wright 
Bank Holiday Monday
I was up once more enjoying a cup of tea..
 We had a lovely big breakfast to keep us going until lunch time.
Out on the tram to look around the charity shops in Cleveleys.
 Now to hit the shops!
 Some nice hot pants.
Next stop a nice wool shop!
 We caught the tram back to the B&B to drop off our bargains.
 Back on the tram down to Star Gate.
Now to get the bus to Lytham St Annes
 We look around more Charity Shops.
Would love another sewing machine↓
 Nice shoes↓
(Pity they are not size 12)
 Then we went for coffee↓
 We find Les Dawson's statue by the pier
 We have to get the bus back to Blackpool as the ticket was going to run out.
 We get the bus back into Blackpool.
Then catch the tram from Stargate.
 From old to new apartments

 A much needed lolly↓
 Now for all the lovely things we bought today.
 I dare look how much that crochet outfit is going to cost↓
 Now to make full use of the bath!
It was so nice to use!
We watched the sun go down↓
 Last Night in Blackpool :(

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