Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Not Even Got The T-Shirt!!!

Happy time, when you wake up without an alarm clock, is coming. Cheer up!
I set the alarm to listen to "Sounds of the 60s".
Pity I didn't hear it go off due to having my ear plugs in.Hubby had to get up to turn it off, and turn on Radio 2.
I woke up about 7.30am
I went downstairs to make 2 cups of tea....
No lie in, as we were meeting a friend for coffee in town...
*I didn't even have a Star Wars t-shirt too wear!*
At least the sun is back again!
 It is frigging cold!!!!↑↑↑
 The view from Car Park 4.
  Star Wars Day↑
Meets up with a good friend for chat and coffee↓
 There were lots of Star Wars fans walking about buying lots of Star Wars things...
I got some cleaning products from B&M.
At least it is getting a bit warmer!
 We have a roll and coffee when we get home↓
I go and look for a replacement for Sexy Beast↓↓
 Thinking about it...
We go and see my dad.
He is getting better...
He is moaning a lot!!!
I comes back...
While hubby does the tea..
I go to work with some good music..↓
We had a nice roast chicken dinner.
We caught up with:
I quickly looked at the Birthdays 
Terry Scott : Was an English actor and comedian who appeared in seven Carry On films. He also appeared in BBC1's domestic sitcom Terry and June with June Whitfield. 
He would have been 92 years old.  
(He died aged 67 in 1994)
 Paul  Gleason : was an American film and television actor, known for his roles on television series such as All My Children and films such as The Breakfast Club, Trading Places, and Die Hard. 
He would have been 80 years old.
(He died aged 67 in 2006)
 Ronnie Bond (born Ronald James Bullis):
was the original drummer with the 1960s band The Troggs, whose hits included "Wild Thing", (UK no. 2; US no. 1); "With a Girl Like You", (UK no. 1; US no. 29) and "I Can't Control Myself", (UK no. 2; US top 50), all in 1966, and "Love Is All Around" (UK no. 5; US no. 7) in 1967 (1968 in the US). The Troggs also had several smaller hits, including "Any Way That You Want Me", a UK no. 8 in January 1967, and "Night of the Long Grass" and "Give It to Me", both UK top 20 hits during 1967.
He would have been 79 years old.
(He died aged 52 in 1992)
Randy Bruce Traywick , known professionally as Randy Travis:is an American country music and Christian country music singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor.
He is 60 years old. 
Dom DeLuise:was an American actor, voice actor, comedian, director, producer, chef and author. .He starred in a number of movies directed by Mel Brooks, in a series of films with career-long best friend Burt Reynolds, and as a voice actor in various animated films by Don Bluth
He died aged 75 in 2009
"The Mummy" film directed by Stephen Sommers starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and John Hannah premieres in the US in 1999. 
Nice view of the sun going down↓
 The thermal Pj's come out, as it's gone frigging cold again!!
Roll on the nights we have to sleep on top of the duvet cover....
(and not shiver underneath it!)


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