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Thursday 24 May 2018

Once,Twice But Three Times!!

Welcome to my Thursday.
I was hoping my drive was going to be repaired today
(After complaining for the past 2 years..)
The sun wasn't out when I left..
 Now to take Sexy Beast on a longer ride..
(To exercise the foot a bit more)
 It was so nice to listen and sing along with some great 60s songs again..
Had to put one song on repeat 3 times..
It's just so good!
(The song is the video at the end of today's blog post)
 Wow Kenny Senior is so expensive!
I sure both my Kenny and Kane be annoyed if I get another Kenwood!↓↓
 Now for coffee and chat :)
 I said goodbye to my friend.
Goes round to see my dad.
Making the most of his garden :)
 A lovely rose..
Had a lovely dessert↓↓
 Later on it was a wonky pair with coffee↓↓
 All three males of the family had haircuts.
Got back home to find the drive not done...
I will wait for the lake to appear tomorrow! 

Saturday 27 January 2018

Going To The Extreme!

We went to bed early last night.
(Too much of the Friday Feeling 💋)
We had to pick up my Mother's Day present.
Off in the rain we went to...
 View from my seat....
Now for coffee and toast...
I chatted with some of the staff from the coffee shop, kept them updated on the progress of the foot...
Collected my order from Hobbycraft.. 
and much more as normal...
 Wonder if this would fit in my living room?↓
 Waited in the hut outside away from the rain.
 Going down a long winding road...
 Going for a haircut tomorrow ✂
 Getting tired of my long Dougal hair style
 I will feel like a bit light headed after...



Wednesday 27 December 2017

Come & Get It!

Welcome to my lazy Hump of the Week..
But first tea and toast in bed..
 We are now half way through series 2 of ↓↓
Kids were using their Minecraft books we bought them for Christmas for some good use....
Speaking of books...
My new book arrived...
Now to do a little cooking...
A little James Martin recipe
Out comes the POSH plates..
Now to watch the final two episodes of series 2
 Got series 3 to watch 
 More cooking to do tomorrow...
(Got to keep busy :))


Friday 15 December 2017

One Kinky Boot In Black Please!

Welcome again to Friday...
Loads of Friday Feeling to spread about..
 Enjoyed some ↓↓
I had to track down an appointment to have my plaster cast removed next week...
As I have had no Appointment letter.
After 12 minutes of being on the phone,
They managed to get me an appointment for early next week.
I will then be given the boot...👢
(not literally) 
Let's hope I get chance to have a Ultra-sound appointment after visiting the Doctor on Monday morning 😳
 (for my painful left shoulder/arm)
I received my Waitrose order.
There were some nice delivery drivers.They asked about my left leg in the plaster cast.
I told them what I had done..
Plenty of winces from them when I went into details about the bolts being screwed to my foot bone!🔩 
Nice mince pies..
 Will they last until 🎅 day?



Monday 10 July 2017

Hot & Sweaty Time!

Back on the greased wobbly work wheel..
A little bit of Monday Madness for Job 1 to cope with.
What's better to ease that stressful moment with..
I popped into B&M Bargains for something for the garden....
There were some nice lights...💡
At least we will be able to see the Plum tree at night now....
It was still raining before my afternoon shift of Job 1.
Out comes the winter coat...
Stands there ready to start..
Rain stops, sun comes out...:(
I'm all hot & sweaty...
Nice red face until I finish 👿
(Due to the temperature going up to 18c!)
At least something is doing what it's supposed do to....😆 

Sunday 11 June 2017

Clock Turns To 13!

Nice lie in on this sunny Sunday morning...
Took "Sexy Beast " for a ride out...
First food shopping trip...
 Nice present for someone?
Enjoyed a coffee & toast ...
Made 3 Birthday cards for this week..\o/
Finished my son's Birthday cake for tomorrow....
 He officially is a teenager tomorrow...