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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Getting Fitted Up...!

Welcome to my Hump Of the Week,
I could have had a little lie-in..
But the need for tea was too much!
 It was goodbye to the red plaster cast...
Hello to a new boot....👢
Deck it out to look like Christmas..
My friend came round for coffee and chat...
Break out the mince pies...
 Now to put my present under the Christmas 🎄
Watched a programme to help us with the Christmas cooking....


Sunday 17 December 2017

Finally Finshed It At Last!

Didn't have a lie-in...
Woke up at the normal time,
While everyone else was asleep...
Early breakfast.. 🍽
 Later on....
After trying to finish my book,
It was mince pie time
8pm I finished the book!
101 pages and over 25000 words...
 Uploaded to Amazon.....
 Time to give my fingers a rest.
It's the Apprentice Final 

Friday 15 December 2017

One Kinky Boot In Black Please!

Welcome again to Friday...
Loads of Friday Feeling to spread about..
 Enjoyed some ↓↓
I had to track down an appointment to have my plaster cast removed next week...
As I have had no Appointment letter.
After 12 minutes of being on the phone,
They managed to get me an appointment for early next week.
I will then be given the boot...👢
(not literally) 
Let's hope I get chance to have a Ultra-sound appointment after visiting the Doctor on Monday morning 😳
 (for my painful left shoulder/arm)
I received my Waitrose order.
There were some nice delivery drivers.They asked about my left leg in the plaster cast.
I told them what I had done..
Plenty of winces from them when I went into details about the bolts being screwed to my foot bone!🔩 
Nice mince pies..
 Will they last until 🎅 day?



Monday 11 December 2017

Now To Enjoy Some Flashing...

Welcome to a cold Monday Feeling..
Both children were off school,
Due to their schools being closed. 
Now hubby had to try to get to work..
He just about made it....
At least the garden looks nice in the snow!

My kids went to get the newspaper and to pop and see my dad.
It looked well icy...
So glad I'm trying NOT to walk down there with my funky frame!
The Snow Family were waiting for the snowball fight...
  Mince pie time
 Had to rearrange my delivery of Waitrose shopping from tomorrow to another time in the week because of the weather...
Now to enjoy some flashing Christmas lights..🎅 

Sunday 14 December 2014

Flowers? For Me????

The last day of the weekend..
What am I going to make or bake??
My hands wanted to do something.
So let's not disappoint them, shall we?
 I also made two Xmas cards as well.
My hubby even bought me some flowers (to help get me out of the black mood I was in yesterday & today)
Second batch of mince pies made.
Now to find the vase for the flowers!