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Thursday 14 December 2017

Hop,Jump, Skip & More Hop

The snow family have now departed.
All they left behind was their hats and scarves. 
All went in the washing machine.
Starting to do things with my pain free right arm...
Good job I write with my right and not my left!
Put fresh sheets and a nice new duvet cover on my bed.
 Now for some nice soup for lunch..
Watched yet more Law & Order.
 Nice wool delivery...
I will have to dig out the Xmas paper,
As got presents to wrap...
Time to hop, jump, skip and more hop into the hidden depths of the Dining Room... 

Monday 11 December 2017

Now To Enjoy Some Flashing...

Welcome to a cold Monday Feeling..
Both children were off school,
Due to their schools being closed. 
Now hubby had to try to get to work..
He just about made it....
At least the garden looks nice in the snow!

My kids went to get the newspaper and to pop and see my dad.
It looked well icy...
So glad I'm trying NOT to walk down there with my funky frame!
The Snow Family were waiting for the snowball fight...
  Mince pie time
 Had to rearrange my delivery of Waitrose shopping from tomorrow to another time in the week because of the weather...
Now to enjoy some flashing Christmas lights..🎅