Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 10 July 2017

Hot & Sweaty Time!

Back on the greased wobbly work wheel..
A little bit of Monday Madness for Job 1 to cope with.
What's better to ease that stressful moment with..
I popped into B&M Bargains for something for the garden....
There were some nice lights...💡
At least we will be able to see the Plum tree at night now....
It was still raining before my afternoon shift of Job 1.
Out comes the winter coat...
Stands there ready to start..
Rain stops, sun comes out...:(
I'm all hot & sweaty...
Nice red face until I finish 👿
(Due to the temperature going up to 18c!)
At least something is doing what it's supposed do to....😆 

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