Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Don't Step On My Shadow!

Woke up early,
I have a coffee, and chat appointment.
Being B3 first...
Flowers are nice...
Coffee time!
Afterwards, I went to a well know supermarket to stock up on supplies.
A man got out of his Land Rover the same time I got out of my Sexy Beast.
I waited just by the salad  bar,
he was there and turned round and looked at me.....
Where I went in the store he was always there...
The final time, he said "Hi" to me.
(I was way too puzzled to answer back)
(Probably confused me with someone else! )
Gets back to my Sexy Beast.
 He had moved his car over in the corner, with his passenger window open..
I had a interesting song playing when I drove past him....
(My kids enjoyed singing along)


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