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Sunday 29 November 2020

Push, Crash, Then Bang!

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it - Roald Dahl
Welcome to my Sunday๐Ÿ’œ
Nice brew with hug.
Going to give Sexy Beast a run out this morning.
Nice and foggy out.
Checked the tyres.
Topped up with fuel.
Now to get the meat for Christmas Day.
(Now the freezers have been sorted out!)
Got some other meat to last a couple of months as well.
When we got home....
It's coffee time!
While I got yesterday's blog post wrote.
Hubby went to fetch the table and curtain tie-backs I bought.
It's going to look nice once I have finished doing it up.
Hubby then went to go the wii to do his exercise for an hour.
After tidying up around where the Sewing machine was based, the sewing table that I had done up, wouldn't fit under the dressing table!
Nether would the stool or the table I bought to day!
Tried to turn the television back on with the remote,
Hubby then moved something, and everything on the table went crash!
It looked like the ornament, hubby had bought for our anniversay had broke...
However it has landed in the basket of pot pourri \o/ instead.
The item that went crash then smash was my late mum's lady ornament which had pen holder combined.
(It used to be in hallway by the home phone before I had it)
After that fun, it was time for tea!
With season 12 of Hell's Kitchen.

Cary Grant  was an English-born American actor, who was one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men. He is known for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor, light-hearted approach to acting, and sense of comic timing.
He died on this day in 1986 aged 82.
Now for some Sleep Tea!
Kids had ironed their school clothes ready for tomorrow's return back to school.
I hope to return to work later on in the week....\o/
(Belated Wobbly Work Wheel ๐ŸŽก for me)
I'm ready for what surprises the week has instore for me \o/



Thursday 30 May 2019

Out Goes the Old......

Coming home is one of the most beautiful things - Andre Rieu 
Welcome to my Thursday.
I'm still upgrading some bits of my house.
Some bits I have had for over 12 years and showing their age...
I went over to my brother's storage barn.
 Pity it's not a real car!
You play and I sing.
I bought off him a nearly new settee,
blue wicker chair, and a smaller kitchen table.
He will drop them round later, and take the old ones away too.
 More scaffolding goes up↑↑↑
I then start cleaning up the living room.
Once I come back from work,
I enjoy an ice cream in the garden.
  Hubby goes and does my dad's shopping.
I move out the old settee, and tv cabinet↓↓↓
 Lets hope I can fit the new sofa through the front door and fill the empty space in my Living room!
Oh dear the sofa won't fit through the front door! FFS!
Hubby comes back and puts it on its side...
It's just about gets the front door and living room!
It can fit 3 people on!
It was about midnight when my brother returned with the items I bought off Ebay.
TV Cabinet
Matching sideboard
More upgrading to be done!
Friday Feeling tomorrow ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ


Thursday 13 December 2018

Red Nose For The Antlers

Patterning your life around other's opinions is nothing more than slavery - Lawana Blackwell

Welcome to a cold Thursday...
A nice hug & kiss before breakfast in bed. 
 That's better!
More Xmas clothing to put on...
 Gave everyone a big ๐Ÿ’‹ when everyone left.
I tidied up the house once more.
I was expecting a certain delivery.
I left the money under the pot↓
 At least the sun is shining!
 It's still cold...
Had a quick look at the Birthdays..
 Dick Van Dyke: American actor (Rob Petrie-Dick Van Dyke Show), is 93 years old↓
 Christopher Plummer:Canadian actor (Sound of Music, Doll's House),is 89 years old↓
 Kathy Staff: [Minnie Higginbottom], British actress (Mary Reilly, Last of the Summer Wine, Open All Hours), dies from a brain tumour at 80 years old in 2008.
 Clip-on tie designed in 1928.
Now into work...
 Nice cold but sunny dinnertime.
Goes around to see how my dad is doing.
(Still not well)
Back home....
Still cold!↓
 The table has arrived for Christmas↓
 Coffee time!
 I have got my Christmas Jumper ready for tomorrow...
I even pimped up my reindeer antlers↓
 Getting ready to take the top off the bottle of the Friday Feeling..๐Ÿผ