Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 13 December 2018

Red Nose For The Antlers

Patterning your life around other's opinions is nothing more than slavery - Lawana Blackwell

Welcome to a cold Thursday...
A nice hug & kiss before breakfast in bed. 
 That's better!
More Xmas clothing to put on...
 Gave everyone a big 💋 when everyone left.
I tidied up the house once more.
I was expecting a certain delivery.
I left the money under the pot↓
 At least the sun is shining!
 It's still cold...
Had a quick look at the Birthdays..
 Dick Van Dyke: American actor (Rob Petrie-Dick Van Dyke Show), is 93 years old↓
 Christopher Plummer:Canadian actor (Sound of Music, Doll's House),is 89 years old↓
 Kathy Staff: [Minnie Higginbottom], British actress (Mary Reilly, Last of the Summer Wine, Open All Hours), dies from a brain tumour at 80 years old in 2008.
 Clip-on tie designed in 1928.
Now into work...
 Nice cold but sunny dinnertime.
Goes around to see how my dad is doing.
(Still not well)
Back home....
Still cold!↓
 The table has arrived for Christmas↓
 Coffee time!
 I have got my Christmas Jumper ready for tomorrow...
I even pimped up my reindeer antlers↓
 Getting ready to take the top off the bottle of the Friday Feeling..🍼


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