Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Frech, Aber Nett

Live in the sunshine,swim the sea,drink the wild air - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to sunny Tuesday.
Time for breakfast in bed.. 
My youngest son has a exam in German at school today.
He showed me some of his revision he had to do for it...↓↓
At least I know what the German is for naughty but nice is!
 Frech, Aber Nett!!!
Nice cobweb and its shadow in the bathroom↓ 
 My son had his new size 12's shoes on for school...↓
 Gave everyone a big 💋💋💋 when everyone left.
I decided to wear the Ironman t-shirt↓
 Tidied up the house,
before a light lunch.
At least the sun is shining↓
 At least it's not got a minus in front of the temperature just yet!
 Let's check the newspaper for Birthdays↓
 David Gates: American rock vocalist (Bread-Baby I'm A Want You), is 78 years old.
Brenda Lee: American singer (I'm Sorry),is 74 years old.
Sam Cooke: American singer and entrepreneur described as "the inventor of soul music" (You Send Me), died at 33 years old in 1964.
 "Magnum P.I." starring Tom Selleck premieres on CBS in 1980

Now to work I go.. 

 I pop into see my dad after work.
Not at all well :(
Gets home.
 Coffee with some squirty cream.
 It was nice to catch up with:
Kirsty Handmade Christmas programme↑
 I finished pimping up two more Winter Hats.
One more left to do.....
Off to bed with a warm hubby...
Is going to be a wet and cold Hump tomorrow? 

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