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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Out Goes the Old......

Coming home is one of the most beautiful things - Andre Rieu 
Welcome to my Thursday.
I'm still upgrading some bits of my house.
Some bits I have had for over 12 years and showing their age...
I went over to my brother's storage barn.
 Pity it's not a real car!
You play and I sing.
I bought off him a nearly new settee,
blue wicker chair, and a smaller kitchen table.
He will drop them round later, and take the old ones away too.
 More scaffolding goes up↑↑↑
I then start cleaning up the living room.
Once I come back from work,
I enjoy an ice cream in the garden.
  Hubby goes and does my dad's shopping.
I move out the old settee, and tv cabinet↓↓↓
 Lets hope I can fit the new sofa through the front door and fill the empty space in my Living room!
Oh dear the sofa won't fit through the front door! FFS!
Hubby comes back and puts it on its side...
It's just about gets the front door and living room!
It can fit 3 people on!
It was about midnight when my brother returned with the items I bought off Ebay.
TV Cabinet
Matching sideboard
More upgrading to be done!
Friday Feeling tomorrow 🍾🍾


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Saying Goodbye To Our Holiday.

A warm welcome back, folks! For the record, no amount of fasting and prayers will erase the fact that we have lots of work to do. On that note, let’s get started!
I was up early again..
 The sun is coming up↑
 Hubby was loading up his car↓
 Then we go for a walk before breakfast.
 We have the newspaper ready to read on the way home.
 We said goodbye to Simon and Rhona.
One last look of the front.
 After an hour and half of driving.
Time for a rest and a drink of coffee!
 I got some magazines to give me ideas on how to do up our house on a budget!
 Driving into the rain
 We arrive back home safely!
 We unpack car.
I enjoy a coffee and nibble before I go back to work↓ 
 I come back to see hubby had mowed the lawn.
 It looked so nice until I noticed some of the grass hadn't been cut near the garden table.
He then told me, he had cut through the cable to the mower.....
Good job the mower was plugged into safety plug!!!!
*Now on the look out for another lawn mower*
The boss of the scafforders came round to see if nothing was in the way so they can start putting up the scafford up tomorrow.
We had some nice tea.
Then round to see my dad.
We got back home after two hours.
It was so nice to get back in our own bed :)