Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Showing A Bit Of Leg!

If you haven't got anything good to say about anyone come sit by me - Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Welcome to my Thursday 😎
Brew and hug to start the day!
I got kids up ready for school.
Then gave out some sloppy wet 💋💋💋
The sun is back at last!
Those big big sunglasses have to be worn now :)
Nice start to the morning shift, of seeing the sun.
Summer coat goes on.
Tree shot. 
Now for the fun to start.
It was getting quite busy.
Didn't help my car drivers not stopping the other side of the road.
On parent shouted at a car and it stopped for her!
Everyone was wishing me a good week's holiday for next week!
The lambo came down the road shortly before I finished.
I finished in one piece.
On the way home, I let a tractor turn left in front of me.
Then the tractor stalled causing a bit of tailback.
Once it got going I was behind it for a bit, two cars behind me couldn't wait and overtook us on a blind bend!
I made sure nothing was coming the otherway when I overtook the tractor. 
Gets to put some fuel in Sexy Beast. 
I let a small flat back truck go first to fill up, then I couldn't go past it to get to the pump.
Once it had moved up, then I could get past it.
So much for good deeds! 
I gets the newspaper on the way home. 
I empty all the bins in the house.
While having coffee, writing yesterday's blog post, I was phoning up the tax office again.
The employer should repay the tax took from last month's pay not the tax office. I am not earning enough to pay tax, so why I have been took £14 this month????
If the employer won't cough it up, the tax office said I would have to wait for the end of the tax year to have it back!
Get's blog posts wrote.
Now for a easy lunch
I had some good news.
As the first schools I cover for my lollipop job are closed tomorrow, I am not needed!
So for the last time this week, it's time to do the lollipop job.
I just found somewhere to park near my lollipop job.
I nipped into the Charity Shop and got some Royal Worcester-Evesham casserole dishes with lids
(My late mum gave me her Royal Worcester-Evesham collection)
My early Christmas present from my hubby.
The sun was shining, but those clouds were coming over!
My leggings had shrunk in the wash.
So I was showing off a bit of leg before I started!
One Ferrari Sports car came down the road at speed, until I stuck out my lollipop stick and it stopped.
Some car drivers didn't like having to wait longer than normal for me to cross people over.
I could hear the gums going... 
Finished in one piece.
Walked back to Sexy Beast with my friend. 
I said "See you next month!"
Off I went home.
Took out all my lollipop stuff.
Sexy Beast is now a lot lighter!
I had a much needed coffee...
Then it's back out for a 60s singalong.
There was a lot of traffic around on the way to work.
I gets in.
Loads up the skip with everything I need.
I was asked "Am I was leaving?"
I replied,"I will find out next month,but as no one is answering my emails when I have a question for the bosses, I will have to wait for the P45!"
It looks like I can't win, I either put too much toilet cleaner in or not enough!
Finished on time.
Back to singing along on the way home!
Back home.
Nice big hug off hubby.
Tea time.
Quick look into today's newspaper.

Neil  Finn OBE  is a New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician who is currently a member of Crowded House and Fleetwood Mac. With his brother Tim Finn, he was the co-frontman for Split Enz, a project that he joined after it was initially founded by Tim and others, and then became the frontman for Crowded House. He has also recorded several successful solo albums and assembled diverse musicians for the 7 Worlds Collide project; contributor Ed O'Brien, also guitarist for Radiohead, has hailed Finn as popular music's "most prolific writer of great songs". 
He is 63 years old 🎈 
Paul Gleason was an American film and television actor. He was known for his roles on television series such as All My Children and films such as The Breakfast Club, Trading Places, and Die Hard.
He died on this day in 2006 aged 67.
Now for some sleep bed.
No lollipop job tomorrow 🍭
Youngest son last day at school tomorrow
(He is in 6th form in September)
Friday Feeling is back 🎈



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