Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Laughing Out Loud!

The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot, but the guy who invented the other three, now he was a genius - Sid Caesar
 Welcome to my Saturday 💃
To May!
Nice hug with a warm brew.
We were all up early as we are off to visit Droitwich Lions... 
We dropped off son at work.
Then off to Droitwich Spa we go.
Woo Hoo nice to see the lions...
I bought 2 jars of homemade Crab Apple Jelly,
2 jars of homemade marmalade↓
A book that made me laugh out loud!
Said goodbye to the Lions, and off to explore the charity shops!
Another item that made me laugh.
One side for Face...
the other side for Arse...
More DVDs to watch..↓
Coffee time..↓
I could see the church from the car park.
A shopping list I found in the trolley we used.
Great Private Eve front cover.
I got some shopping from Waitrose.
(A lot of reduced food \o/)
Nibble time↓
Once we finished in Droitwich.
Onto Bromsgrove Lidl.
I got some more bits.
We got home.
Light lunch in the front garden
Then we see a great film was on...
(A previous Facebook post from 4 years ago, we watched the same film!)
Great film \o/
Now to write 2 blog posts. 
Next film to watch to watch..↓
I have ordered the whole 3 films for just £2 off Ebay...↓
Nice Gammon with Cauliflower Cheese↓
Next film to watch was a great one↓
Finished writing the blog posts.
We watched 
"Have I Got News For You"
"Dragon's Den"
 I had my sleep tea in bed.
Now to get under that warm duvet cover....




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