Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 21 May 2021

When It Rains, It Pours!

 I once gave a waiter a tip - I told him never to step off a moving bus - Groucho Marx 
Welcome to a wet Friday Feeling 🎈
Hug time!
Brew with breakfast.
Wakes up the kids ready for school time!
I give everyone their sloppy wet 💋💋💋
I looked outside...
Raining again...
Sexy lumo trousers go on again!
The rain doesn't like stopping anytime soon.
All ready for the morning stint in the rain.
Now to turn on my lights...
Tree picture.
Now for the fun in the rain.
One woman car driver, didn't want to wait for a child to cross over, and put her foot down while I was stood in the middle of the road!
One car driver had to slam her brakes on as my lollipop stick would have to hit her windscreen.
My lollipop boss came to check my eyesight.
I read the car's license plate from my spot fine.
One car failed to stop and carried on under my lollipop stick!
No lambo today :(
Finished in one piece JUST!
Back home in the rain.
Quick coffee and apple.
I wrapped our Henry Hoover in a bin bag so I didn't want it to get wet putting it in the Sexy Beast.
Off to do the house clean.
Chat, clean and coffee. 
Back home in the rain again!
Nice hot soup for lunch!
One of the Solicitors wanted to see my late mum's death certificate...
I didn't have it, as my younger brother had put a receipt into the estate for opening my late dad's safe (£78), he has got it. I passed on my brother's email address.
Back out in the rain with sexy lumo trousers again for round 2 of lollipop 🍭
It still rained throughout my shift.
I finished in one piece.
One of the parents gave me some spare plants.
Crumpets, coffee and apricot time!
Now out for some 60's Big Tune.
Singing in the rain on the way to work.
Get's in.
I send in the receipt for the toilet gel I bought yesterday, via email.
I load them up in the skip.
I got a reply back, saying I won't be given the money back for the gel I bought.
Oh dear, the gel went back into the boot of Sexy Beast.
So the toilets had no toilet cleaner going in them tonight!
I asked about the two dodgy vacuum cleaners being replaced with another one. The answer I got via email, I have to try to unblock one vacuum cleaner, and the filter might be cleaned due to it overheating, no reply on what to do with the loose plug!
I really hope the £57.20 they took out of my wages last month, gets put back in wages next week and the £54 I spent on cleaning items for the house I clean.
Let's hope they use the tax code the tax office send them twice and I send it them as well
 July 19th I will find out, that I will be out of this job.......!!!
The music went on, and on to cleaning I go.
I looked down to the bottom before I started to clean the handrails from the top.
It's still raining outside...
I was given a polite note about given notice when I run low on toilet cleaner.
I gave my answer to it before I left!
More 60s music to sing along with in the rain on the way home.
Back home finally!
I have a nice salad meal for tea.
While hubby and son went food shopping.
I looked into today's newspaper.
Gerard Hugh "Leo" Sayer  is an English-Australian singer-songwriter musician and entertainer whose singing career has spanned four decades. He is now an Australian citizen and resident. He is 73 years old 🎈 
When hubby and son came back, the shopping was put away. 
Sleep Tea Time.
Now to enjoy the last of the Friday Feeling 🎈

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