Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Thanking My Lucky Stars!!

  The largest turnout at elections is always where there is only one candidate - Peter Ustinov
Welcome to my Thursday Fun 💀
Nice warm hug to start the day...
Strong cup of brew as well.
The kids get a wake up call...
Plus everyone gets lots of wet 💋💋💋 before I left the house.
No big big sunglasses this morning.
Winter coat on..
Tree pic.
It doesn't help that my Lollipop stick keeps turning invisible....
One woman driver goes past my stick everyday,
and never stops!
I however, stopped the blue car that nearly killed me last Friday morning again!
The nice lambo went past me....
Plenty of voom voom....
I am hoping for nicer weather for the afternoon shift...
Finishes in one piece..
Now off to vote...
Facemask on, and brought my own pen!
Made my four crosses on three ballot papers, then into the box they went.
I then got the newspaper and some milk from the Paper Shop.
Still nothing happening to my late dad's house.
Back home.
For a much needed coffee↓
 I pan fried the pork chops.
Fried up the remaining black pudding.
Made some sage and onion stuffing.
All put in the oven ready for later.
I was going to repair my son's coat pocket by sewing it back on...
However, he chose it to wear it to school instead.
Now to blog, blog blog about the fun I had on Hump Day!
My Hobbycraft order arrived!
The case for my sewing machine!
Also boxset of 3 films arrived.
We will be watching them at the weekend.
Just in time for lunch...
I was going to wear the lumo trousers as it said on the weather it might rain...
Now to leave the house.
I will wear the boots instead...
Tries to find a place to park near my Lollipop spot...
No room to park anywhere....
Had to park in the Co-op instead.
I had to walk to my spot.
I was chatting with one of the parking marshalls who was directing traffic on where to park in the  car park, so they can have their covid vaccine.
He told a few stories of people trying to park their cars....
Mature women of a certain age.
One dark night, a older woman was coming for her covid vaccine, parked her car on the steps.
There are no steps in the car park...
The steps leading up the road she parked her car. 
The RAC had to winch her car up from the steps.
The other story was a mature woman went through the wrong gate (Way out gate), nearly scraped her Land Rover in the process.
She did scrape her car on the wall while trying to park it.... 
I had my winter coat, gloves, and winter hat, when the sun came out, and I was getting well warm. 
What didn't help the situation, I was in the middle of the road, when just as I was about to walk back to the pavement, the male car driver behind me, decided to drive on nearly taking me with him!
He slammed on the brakes.
I having a lucky escape, pointed to the pavement and said straight to him...
"What are you doing? I am going back to the pavement!"
 Once back to the pavement, he turned into the car park to have his Covid vaccine! 
I just about finished in one piece!
Back home.
For coffee and crumpets...
Now to go back out with a CD of 70s tunes..
I drop off the younger son to help Joe with his fight to be elected back on the Council.
Now to get out the skip ready for work.
At least it's not raining!
Finished ....
Back onto the singing along...
Back home.
I have my tea.
Younger son comes back with one of the leaflets he delivered↓
We both have our tea.
Now to take off those smoking hot pair of roller boots I have had on all day!
Quick look into today's newspaper..
Sleep Tea Time.
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈




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