Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Whipping Them Off!

There are 350 varieties of shark, not counting loan and pool
 - L M Boyd
Welcome to my Tuesday 🐞
Nice hugs and brew to start the day!
Woke up kids ready for school.
I gave out my sloppy wet 💋💋💋 before I left
Even the big big sunglasses had to come out!
Both sets of traffic lights have been removed \o/
The sun and blue skies are here for a bit!
I put on my summer coat.
Tree pic.
Back to normal.
The same white car fails to stop every morning....
Some cars were just driving under my lollypop stick as if I wasn't even there!
I told the mum about her daughter rushing into the road yesterday, and how I grabbed her hood.
She said, "You should have grabbed her neck!"
The lambo was back \o/
Some cars had to slam their brakes on, when I was in the middle of the road!
I finished in one piece...Just!
Back home for a quick coffee.
Then back out with my Henry...
Cleaned the house, had a chat and a nice coffee while I was there.
Just before I left the rain kept back for a short while.
Back home without the rain!
Then the rain came back ;(
So I made the decision to put on the sexy lumo trousers for the afternoon Lollypop job.
It had stopped raining when I left.
I parked Sexy Beast, to see blue skies....
Where was the rain?
That was forecasted.
I turned on my lights, had a chat with one of the parents....
It was so warm, I risked taking off the lumo trousers!
Whipped them off!
On goes the summer coat as well!
I had my leggings on under my coat.
I just hope the wind didn't get up and whip up the back of coat....
That would be scene!
Someone said be careful bending down...
I replied,"If I did, this village would go very dark!"
It stopped dry.
One learner had to break hard or my lollypop stick would have touched his windscreen!
Gets everyone over safely.
Finished in one piece.
My friend comes down and we have a chat after I finished.
We said our goodbyes and off home I went. 
Nice bit of crumpet before I left for a singalong of Glam pop.
I was lucky to have a brand new Porsche follow me all the way to work, he couldn't overtake me as cars were coming the other way.
I gets in and loads up the hoover into the skip.
It didn't help having a headache come on.
I was told someone had walked mud up the stairs. I had to hoover that up after the cleaning of the toilets. I left a urgent message saying I have 1 bottle of toilet cleaner left for today and none for tomorrow.......
Someone walked into the men's toilets before I started to clean them.
I said, "Boo!" to him.
He replied with "Boo!"
I left to do the ladies loo so he could carry on what he had to do.
I hoovered the stairs, the hoover doesn't like sucking up anything....
Plenty of blowing but no sucking!
I went over by 10 minutes.
I actually drove home in silence...
Head thumbing!
Back home.
Takes an headache pill.
Nice bit of stir fry to fill the hungry hole.
Feeling so tired.
Sleep tea time.
Quick look into the newspaper.
Albert  Hammond OBE (born in London) is a British-Gibraltarian singer, songwriter, and record producer. A prolific songwriter, he also collaborated with other songwriters such as Mike Hazlewood, John Bettis, Diane Warren, Holly Knight and Carole Bayer Sager. Hammond's son Albert Hammond Jr. is a guitarist with American band the Strokes. He is 77 years old 🎈 
Hoping for a sunny Hump Day tomorrow 🌞








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