Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 22 March 2021

Quicker Then A Ferret Going Down A Hole!

 I'm busier than a whore working two beds - Lily Savage
Welcome to my Monday's Wobbly Wheel 🎡
Nice big hug with brew!
Gets the kids up for school.
Gives hubby a nice wet sloppy 💋 before he goes to work.
(I hopefully will be returning back to work next month \o/) 
I then give my kids their 💋💋 before they go to school.
I have so much to catch up on with.
Outside for a gulp of fresh air first!
Washing machine went on 3 times.
Unloaded and loaded up the dishwasher.
Now for coffee!
I have 2 and half blogs to write....
Inbetween writing them, I was trying to find a sewing pattern to make a family of seahorses that was in one of magazines that came last week!
It didn't help the pattern wasn't on the magazine's website.....
I had the letter finally sealing my departure from my dinnertime job \o/
 (My Christmas card list is going down faster than a ferret going down a hole!)
I'm sure another job will surface to replace it and it won't affect my stress level!
By the time dinnertime arrived, I still have Sundays blog post to write.
Oh dear the soup exploded in the microwave,
only had 1/3 of the soup left in the bowl!
Hope the day gets better....
Finally gets yesterday's blog post wrote and published.
I had to reorder some vitamins as running quite low....
Holland & Barrett was a bit expensive,
Shopped around, and they are coming out tomorrow \o/
Amazon has a Spring sale of 40%
Got some great stuff for certain people's birthdays in June!
Tumble drier went on finally!
I carried on writing more reviews on things I bought from Amazon.
It only does a year's worth of items.....
Pity really, I have been buying stuff from them for nearly 21 years!
I will wait for the emails to arrive tomorrow when my reviews go live!
Tea at 3. 
My neighbour wanted a funny card for his friend's birthday.
That arrived↓↓
Speaking of my neighbour, it his birthday on Friday.
It had to have a Adult themed card for him↓
The wallpaper border I bought at the beginning of March, has been lost in the Hermes network.
The seller is sending out another one \o/
I bought a sewing magazine off another ebay seller, only for her to get to back to me saying she sold it to someone else!
My day is getting even better I see!
Hubby arrived home, nice big wet 💋 for him.
He gives me today's newspaper↓
Dan Hartman  was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Among songs he wrote and recorded were "Free Ride" with The Edgar Winter Group, and the solo hits "Relight My Fire", "Instant Replay", "I Can Dream About You", "We Are the Young" and "Second Nature". "I Can Dream About You", his most successful song, reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1984 and No. 12 on the UK Singles Chart in 1985. The James Brown song "Living in America", which Hartman co-wrote and produced, was even more successful, reaching #4 on March 1, 1986. 
He died sadly on this day in 1994 aged 43.
Noel  Engel  better known by the stage name Scott Walker, was an American singer-songwriter, composer and record producer that resided in England. Walker was known for his baritone voice and an unorthodox career path which took him from 1960s teen pop icon to 21st-century avant-garde musician. Walker's success was largely in the United Kingdom, where his first four solo albums reached the top ten. He lived in the UK from 1965 and became a UK citizen in 1970.
He sadly died on this day in 2019 aged 76.
Meat free Stir Fry.
Judge Rinder was back \o/
We left alone Line of Duty for tomorrow.
Watched Ronnie O'Sullivan in the snooker instead.
He beat John Higgins 10-8 to reach the semi-final of the Tour Championship.
Sleep Tea.
Let's hope I have a better day tomorrow!


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