Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 7 March 2021

Losing The Baking Bread Knack!

 If it's good, they'll stop making it - Herbert Block
Welcome to my Sunday 👍
Mmm nice warm hug with brew.
As we going for a little walk to clear out the cobwebs.
We had a little walk around the block.
Felt better for it.
We had a coffee.
I put on the breadmaker on...
Hubby gone on with putting the remaining Border up the stairs.
I meanwhile decluttered the living room.
The cooking magazines I found, were put on Facebook for free.
They were soon snapped up!
They were collected.
More decluttering to do!
Light lunchtime.
Hubby had run out of border to finish off in the toilet room.
I put yet another order in for another one and for more adhestive as I know he will run out of the last lot I bought!
At least the stairs looks good.
The yellow paint I bought from B&Q to paint the skirting up the stairs isn't in no more.
The trouble I had to find more yellow paint, I am not using the paint I used last week, as it gives off too many fumes.
Hubby packed his computer away.
He is going back to work tomorrow, full time in the office.
TIme for sewing machine to go back.....
Belated Tea at 3.
I got the bread out of the breadmaker...
Oh dear here we go again!
The middle dropped!!!
Puts the breadmaker back on for round 2.
There was some yellow paint on my son's blazer.
I got it off, but the smell of white spirit would not come out of the blazer, even after I washed it twice in the washing machine.
That went in the bin in a black bag.
I got him a navy M&S suit jacket.
He dug out the red suit I bought he was supposed to wear for his prom last year.
(It was cancelled due to Covid-19)
The jacket is getting a bit small, and so is the waistcoat.
He wasn't very happy about it.
He does look very good in the suit even though it was a bit tight on him.
I bought him 3 suits in last August to wear in Sixth Form.
He had to wear one of the other two for tomorrow.
I found a different coloured tie to what he normally wears to school .
He looks nice and smart in another suit and tie.
He getting really tall, 
(Like my late dad who was 6ft 2 tall).
Time for tea!
Roast Pork Tea.
I finally located some yellow wood paint. I hopefully will get it this week.
That's the skirting done soon!
I dropped a email to the solictor dealing with the sale of my late dad's house.As reading in yesterday's i newspaper, there such a backlog of sales going through, it might go through by this June!
Won't be giving up any of my jobs just yet!
Daniel J. Travanti (born Danielo Giovanni Travanti) is an American actor. He is best known for playing police captain Frank Furillo in the television drama series Hill Street Blues (1981–1987), for which he received a Golden Globe Award and two consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards from many nominations. 
He is 81 years old 🎈 
Kenny Ball  was an English jazz musician, best known as the bandleader, lead trumpet player and vocalist in Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen.
He died on this day aged 82 in 2013. 
 We watched the final two episodes of Season 1 of Boss.
 Sleep tea time.
The kids got all their things ready for the return to school tomorrow.
I however, am shielding until March 31st.
I got the bread out of the breadmaker.
Give up!
Another try tomorrow!








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