Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 6 March 2021

Keeping It Filled Up!

If you play with anything long enough it will break - Murphy's Law
Welcome to my Saturday 👅
Nice to have hug with a brew!
Kids are off for their daily exercise.
They will meet us at the graveyard where my parents are buried.
I had some nice stuff arrive in the post↓
Now to go out for some fresh air.
Kids started on their walk.
We went past where the new Lidl is being built.
They are slowly bringing down the old buildings..
Tidied up my parent's grave.
Next Sunday is Mother's Day, and got the balloons ready as well as more flowers.
We had a look around the graveyard.
We found someone who died at 101 years old.
Kids arrived. 
Back home.
We had a nice treat of a Bacon and black pudding sandwich↓
Then off to get some meat for the freezer.
(I stopped in the car)
When we got back, time for all of it to go in the freezer.
Time for a much needed coffee.
Hubby and son then went off to do some food shopping for us and the next door neighbour.
I had a Cottage Pie to make.
Once it was done, in the oven it went.
Having fun at the moment trying to master bread.
We ate the last of it yesterday.
First thing tomorrow, the breadmaker is going back on.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Hubby and son came back.
Unpacked the shopping.
Time for tea!
Afterwards, I caught up with week's newspaper including todays.
Martin Kove  is an American actor, best known for The Karate Kid (1984), in which he played John Kreese, the head teacher of the Cobra Kai karate dojo. He reprised the role in two sequels, The Karate Kid Part II (1986) and The Karate Kid Part III (1989) as well as the 2018 television sequel series Cobra Kai. He also appeared as Nero the Hero in Death Race 2000 (1975), and afterward as Clem in White Line Fever (1975). He was a regular on the TV series Cagney and Lacey (1982-1988), portraying Police Detective Victor Isbecki. He appeared in Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985). 
He is 75 years old 🎈 
Pauline Matthews , better known by her stage name Kiki Dee, is an English singer. Known for her blue-eyed soul vocals, she was the first female singer from the UK to sign with Motown's Tamla Records.
Dee is best known for her 1974 hit "I've Got the Music in Me" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", her 1976 duet with Elton John, which went to number 1 on both the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 1993, she performed another duet with John for his Duets album, a cover version of Cole Porter's "True Love", which reached number 2 in the UK. During her career, she has released 40 singles, three EPs and 12 albums. 
She is 74 years old 🎈 
Now to watch more of season 1 of "Boss".
Sleep tea time.
2 more episodes to watch tomorrow and we have finished season 1!!!


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