Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 27 March 2021

It Keeps Coming Off!

As the cow said to the farmer, "Thank you for a warm hand on a cold morning." - John F. Kennedy
Welcome to my Saturday...👅
Nice big hug and hot brew.
Hubby and son went off to do the food shopping before it got busy.
I went outside for some vitamin D.
I got on writing yesterday's blog post.
As soon as hubby and son got back,
I had finished my blog post in record time.
Now back out with trolley..
Went past the place where the new Lidl is going to be...
Now down to Alcester to pick up my parcels.
No visit into Waitrose today,
As got to pay for Sexy Beast's car bill on Monday.
Collects my parcels,
Loaded them into the car.
Now on the hunt for some takeaway coffee.
We get the coffee and back to the car.
Back home.
Unpacks the parcels↓
However one of the glass balls broke.
Put some Gorilla glue on it.
It however would stick back onto the rest of glass balls...
Oh well, how sad, nevermind.
The dog that isn't sat on the pillow, 
Someone or something doesn't like it on my white tree.
Twice it has came off.
First time, resulting in 3 paws coming off.
Second time, string broke !
Spooky 👻
The rest got put  up in the Living Room.
In the hallway, we had things coming down,
Not staying put!!!!
Now for 2 episodes of Top of the Pops from 1990

Next episode↓

I then go on to make tonight's tea.
Once it is the oven.
We catch up on the rest of the 3 Hoarding episodes that we found doing a search of the listings.
We watched last week's episode of
Tea was ready.
Yum yum.
Quick look in the newspaper...
Michael York, OBE (born Michael Hugh Johnson) is an English actor. A two-time Emmy Award nominee, for the ABC Afterschool Special: Are You My Mother? (1986) and the AMC series The Lot (2001), he has appeared in more than 70 films, including Romeo and Juliet (1968), Cabaret (1972), The Three Musketeers (1973), Logan's Run (1976), and the Austin Powers film series (1997–2002).
He is 79 years old 🎈
Ralph Bates  was an English film and television actor, known for his role in the British sitcom Dear John and the hugely successful TV drama Poldark.
He sadly died on this day aged 51 in 1991.
Now to watch a great film:
It has who's who of British stars in it.
The actress who played Aunty Rose in the film, was also in Clash of the Titans.
She is Susan Fleetwood, the older sister of Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac)
She sadly died in 1995 aged 51.
Sleep Tea.
Must remember to put clocks forward....




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