Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 23 March 2021

My House Isn't That Bad!

If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one? - 
Abraham Lincoln.
Welcome to my Tuesday fun πŸ’«
Nice big hug and brew to start the day with.
Early morning wake up call for my kids.
I gave hubby a wet one πŸ’‹ before he left to go to work.
The kids had the same before they left for school πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.
Before I started anything.
I did a bit of walking up and down the path.
Loaded up the dishwasher and put it on.
Now for coffee....
Now to get yesterday's blog post wrote.
The playlist was shuffled and singing helped with sense of humour I need to write the blog post. 
Just 2 posts short of 2400 published blog posts! 
Trying to find that seahorse pattern.
One was $5!!!
I finally found one!
It was free!
Let's see what I can do with that!
Got in touch with my union on whether I have to change from one county to another...
Waiting for the response to it.
By time I finished writing the blog post.
I had a early lunch.
I had to click and collect some shopping from Asda.
(My son has his GCSE food assessment this Friday, so he needed more things.
He is practicing again tomorrow at home to get under the 2 hours he needs.)
Hands were washed and I wore my facemask when I collected it. I was lucky, there was only another couple there loading up their car.
I went past my late dad's house, and the driveway was still full of cars!
Back home.
Tea at 3
My magazine came, and time for a quick read of it before I start on the tea.
Another meat-free tea tonight.
Hubby came home.
He had a sloppy wet one from me.
I had a big hug in return....
Marti Pellow (born Mark McLachlan)  is a Scottish singer. He was the lead singer of the Scottish pop group Wet Wet Wet, from their formation in 1982 until their split in 1997, and again from their reformation in 2004 to his departure in 2017. He has also recorded albums as a solo artist, and performed as an actor in musical theatre productions in both the West End and on Broadway. He is 56 years old 🎈 
Tea is served up!
We caught up with Judge Rinder.
The we caught up with the first episode of the second series of Hoarders Homes:
The episode was called: No Room to Move
We downloaded the first series.
Then we watched the first episode:
Landfill In My Living Room.
Sleep tea time.
We watched half of the second episode called:
Trapped By My Trash.
Both my parents were hoarders. 
I do hoard but not to the state of not be able to get into my house!!!
As the younger brother said last year just after our dad passed away...
"We have to clear out 50 years of crap out of the house!"
Nice as normal coming from him!
He even said of my house:
"You could fill a six bedroomed house with your crap, and still need a bigger house!" 
I won't comment on his hoarding problem just yet.....😢😢 
Let's hope we have a sunny Hump tomorrow 🐫 





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