Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 4 January 2019

More Hats Than Shoes..

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people - W.C Fields
Friday has come round like a flash πŸ”₯
Slept a lot better last night.
Now to enjoy some tea in bed πŸ›
  Wore the thermal knickers as it was cold, cold, cold out there...
We had the roof inspectors come and made the decision that we need a new roof!
The house is going to be covered in scaffording.... 
Kissed hubby goodbye πŸ’‹
Got kids up to go to town...
Had to scrape Sexy Beast...first
 It's really cold...
Glad I have the thermals on,
The woolly hat!
Parks in car park 4↓↓
 Going down↓↓
  I have a look in the Magical Store
 They were playing some nice songs from the 1980s,
I just had to sing along with them while browsing...↓
I got some nice storage jars in their sale↓
 Another nice tune was playing while we walked to get the newspaper...
 I got more bobble hats in another sale in another shop we visited.
 I picked up a Millionaire's Latte to keep warm.
 Now for a nice bit of 70s music↓
 At least the temperature was going up ↗↗↗
 Popped into see my dad.
I ordered the Kane & Abel movie for him.
Back home for lunch.
 Caught up with the Birthdays:
 Louis Braille: French educator and inventor of a system of reading and writing for the blind, born in Coupvray, France was born in 1809.
(He died from  tuberculosis aged 43 in 1852)
 Mark Hollis: English pop musician (Talk Talk) is 64 years old.
 Michael Stipe: US rock vocalist (REM-Losing My Religion, Stand) is 59 years old.
Gerry Rafferty: British musician and songwriter died aged 63 in 2011.
 Ray Thomas:English rock vocalist and flautist (Moody Blues-Legend Of A Mind),His flute solo on the band's 1967 hit single "Nights in White Satin" is regarded as one of
 progressive rock's "defining moments." died aged 76 in 2018.
 I went to work wearing one my new hats....
(It was still freezing cold!) 
 Comes back for a strong coffee.
Planned tv for tonight.
We caught up on the 
Morecambe and Wise Lost Tapes
Morecambe and Wise In America
Followed by:
 Graham Norton's Good Story Guide
Graham Norton goes behind the scenes of his award-winning talk show to reveal the secrets of telling a good story.
 Now to celebrate the weekend coming 🍾🍾


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