Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Blowing Hot & Cold Hump

“I’ve been sick for so long I don’t
remember a time when I wasn’t.” - Alison G.Bailey

Welcome to my flu Hump of the Week 🐫
After being up since 2.30am,
I went back upstairs at 6.20am to say hello to hubby. 
I enjoyed a small cup of coffee and a mouthful of yogurt.
 I said goodbye to everyone.
I felt like💩 
Back to sleep for me.
 I woke up at midday.
I heard the rain and the wind.
I got up to close the window,
And suffered from the high temperature again.
I made it downstairs and sat on the settee for the the temperature to go down once more.
I enjoyed a lemon,ginger with honey tea.
Still feeling so weak!
I wrapped myself in a big blanket,
And sat on the sofa ..
I keep going hot and cold...
I look up the Birthdays:
John Carpenter: American film director (Halloween, The Thing) is 71 years old.
 Paul Webb: bassist for Talk Talk, is 57 years old.
 Ted Cassidy:Actor (Lurch in Adams Family)
dies aged 46 in 1979. 

Bradford Dillman: American actor (Compulsion, Piranha, Sudden Impact, Enforcer),dies aged 87 in 2018.
(Bradford Dillman was the actor's real name. He said "Bradford Dillman sounded like a distinguished, phony, theatrical name -- so I kept it.")
 John Lennon:releases "Woman" in UK in 1981
I catch up with blog, as I have been so ill to get near my computer....
I was surprised I have passed the 200,000 page views \o/ 
I am going to try and have some chicken soup tonight for tea...
As I have lost my appetite for some reason :( 
Fingers crossed I won't be the night owl tonight! 


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