Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Fancy A Probe?

If you're not the one cooking,stay out of the way and compliment the Chef - Michael Strahan
Welcome to a cold, crisp Thursday.
We enjoyed our tea in bed...
 Hubby scraped his car....
It was -6c outside....
In the bed it was nice and toasty.
I gave everyone  big 💋💋💋
I looked outside.....
Sexy Beast needs a good scrape!
 Another winter to wear today.
 Froze solid...↓
 It's still frigging cold↓↓
 Smiley time↓
 All done↓
 Now to warm up with soup!↓
I am serving up the meals today....
The hat has to be worn....
Leaves the house...↓
 Some nice tunes to sing along to...↓
  Popped into see my dad...
Then off to be careful driving to work...
Arrived safely
Birthdays Time. 
Al Doughty (born Alan Jaworski): English musician & bassist (Jesus Jones), is 53 years old.
 Lloyd Cole: English rocker (Lloyd Cole and the Commotions) is 58 years old.
Justin Timberlake:American singer-songwriter & actor (Sexyback, My Love) is 38 years old.
A.A Milne:
English author of the Winnie-the-Pooh books, dies at 74 in 1956

Barry Manilow's single "Mandy" goes gold in 1975.
 Now into work...
 Now to wear the hat..
 and probe the food....
I was asked: "What happens if you mess with the chef?"
I replied,"You have more mashed potato!" 
It was still cold on the way home.

 Nice cup of coffee...
There was no sign of snow when I came back from Job 2 .
We watched two episodes of the US version of
Then to carry on with Season 18 of:
Are we going to have a Winter Wonderland tomorrow???

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