Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Laid Up

The flu is very unpredictable when it begins and in how it takes off.
Harvey V. Fineberg 
I knew something was wrong,
When I was blowing hot and cold,
And couldn't get out of bed.
I have caught the dreaded flu from Job 2. 
I only had a mouthful of porriage, I couldn't eat nothing else.
I had half a cup of coffee (to ease the caffine cravings)
I didn't dare kiss anyone incase I gave them this dreaded flu.
Back to sleep I go.....
Wakes up 2 hours later,
Burning sore throat and headache.
I stumble downstairs with a burning temperature, to have a lemsip.
Yahoo must be playing up, as I sent a email 3 times to Job 1 ,saying I won't be in. 
In the end, hubby phoned up for me, as I felt so weak, I had to go back to bed.
There where I stayed until 10pm.
I staggered down for a lemon,ginger,and honey tea. I covered myself in Vic as well.
Back to bed until 2.30am.
I couldn't sleep!!!
Staggered back downstairs, wrapped myself up in blankets.
Suddenly the high temperature kicked in, brought some lovely phlegm up in the bucket...
Still wasn't tired, so sat wrapped up with blankets on the my settee!
 Looked at the Birthdays....
Frank Thornton: British actor (Are You Being Served?, Last of the Summer Wine) would have been 98 years old.
(He died aged 92 in 2013) 
 Pete Waterman, English record producer (Stock Aitken & Waterman-Road Block),is 72 years old.
 (Pete Waterman has scored a total of twenty-two UK number one singles with his various acts including Dead or Alive↑↑)
 Gordon Jackson: Scottish actor (Upstairs, Downstairs, The Professionals, The Great Escape),dies aged 66 in 1990.
 Elizabeth 1 is crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey in 1559
I hope I won't have too much sleepy Hump 🐫 tomorrow...

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