Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Freezing Brass Monkeys Time

Monday for wealth,Tuesday for health,Wednesday the best day of all,Thursday for crosses,Friday for losses,Saturday no luck at all - Old English Rhyme.
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
We left the heating on,
The house was lovely and warm...
Enjoyed our cup of tea in bed...
 Gave everyone big 💋💋💋 when everyone left.
I enjoyed a nice hot shower...
*The thermal knickers went on!*
Once I dried by hair.
It was to choose what hat I was wearing today....↓↓
 We had a good frost last night
Freezing Brass Monkeys Time 
Sexy Beast needed scraping...↓
 Blue skies and sunshine...
However it is so cold...↓
  All scraped!
Dishwasher and washing machine went back on... 
Early liquid lunch..
 At least the sun is moving over...
 Now off to see my dad.
 He was watching Star Trek.
I had a slow drive to work as the roads were a bit slippy.
Birthdays Time.
 Gene Hackman:Retired American actor and novelist.(Films include, Bonnie & Clyde, Superman the Movie) is 89 years old.
 Phil Collins: English drummer & singer (Genesis) is 68 years old.
Frank Finlay: British actor (Bouquet of Barbed Wire), dies at 89 in 2016
Jeremy Beadle: British television host (Beadle's About), dies of pneumonia at 59 in 2008
"I Fall to Pieces" single released by Patsy Cline (Billboard Song of the Year 1961)in 1961
Onwards into work:

 Everyone liked my hat.
I had a slow drive home afterwards.
At least the temperature is going up ↗↗↗
I had my parcel from Amazon...
 Opened the box to reveal.....↓
 It will do, as I have to oven to cook on...
Came back from Job 2 
Are we having any snow tomorrow???
We caught up on our favourite programme↓
The dishwasher was put on again(by me).
(One less job to do tomorrow) 
The snow shovel and snow boots are ready to be used tomorrow....⛄☃


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