Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 25 January 2019

I Will Get The Hang Of It Sooner Or Later...

Employers are their happest on Mondays,
Employees are their happiest on Fridays -Mokokoma Mokhonoana 
Welcome to the Friday Feeling!
I'm feeling 65% better than I have been... 
 Nice cup of tea in bed↑
While everyone left the house.
I looked out of the front door...
 Time for coffee and vitamin C boost↓
 I received my on-line order....
All half price....\o/
Loaded and put the dish washer on.
Tidied up the living room.
After all that fun...
Liquid  lunch. 
I caught up with Hell's Kitchen (season 15) from where I fell asleep last night...
  The wool comes out to play with...
 By the time I filled the pegs on my knitting loom, I looked at the You Tube video, and I did it all wrong!
 It had to be unpicked......!
That was a few hours wasted!
 I think its better if I stick to pom pom making, as that is the second craft project to go pants today....
The first project was using...
 It didn't work out either!
I sulked on coffee and toast...↓
and watched some great films...
Caught up watching our favourite Judge...↓
 Now for Birthdays
 Dean Jones: American actor (Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, The Love Bug), would be 88 years old
(He died aged 84 in 2015) 
Tobe Hooper: American film director,(The Texas Chain Saw Massacre & Poltergeist) would have been 76 years old.
( He died aged 74 in 2017) 

Andy Cox: British guitarist (Fine Young Cannibals, The Beat),is 63 years old.
Demis Roussos: Greek singer and performer (Aphrodite's Child),dies aged 68 in 2015.
"M*A*S*H", directed by Robert Altman, starring Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould, is released (Palme d'Or 1970) in 1970.
George Harrison: releases "When We Was Fab"in 1988.
 We finished off this Friday Feeling with..
 Hoping I will be feeling fine tomorrow....

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