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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

One Sleepy Hump

"I'm great in bed.I can sleep for days...."
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐫
I had the nudge and wink...
I enjoyed the tea and cuddle.
I gave everyone wet 💋💋💋 before they left the house.
I tidied up the house.
Liquid Lunch.↓
 The sun is out \o/
 Had a quick look at the newspaper↓
 The sun is still shining \o/
 At least the temperatures are double figures↗↗↗
 I enjoyed a much needed coffee
 I came back from my other job.
I started on the evening meal.
We went over to see my dad.
No sign of the younger brother visiting....
By the time we get back, it was 9pm.
Just time for the sleepy tea ⛾


Saturday, 23 June 2018

Fun Fun Fun

The weekend has arrived!
The sun was coming out
 Dresses in blue to go to my appointment.
I had a go with the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer.
A lot better results than last year.
Nibble time...
 Gets changed into my pink outfit.
Now off for some Family Fun Day.
 We are here!
Free Food
Won some prizes at Darts
Free Drinks
We leaves to get some Lidl shopping..↓↓
 One man came out with steak,garlic and beer...
We enjoyed a lolly...
 On the way back home...
Catches up with some television programmes.
Now for some sleep tea... 
Play time with hubby.....

Monday, 11 June 2018

Going,Going ,Gone...

Welcome to Monday!
 The sun was up the sky...
Big big sunglasses time↓↓
The temperature is going ↗↗↗
 Nice to be B3
 Nice bit of coffee,toast, and chat.
Goes back to my Sexy Beast, and finds the Jaguar wants more of my parking space!
 Off to enjoy some blue skies...
 Gets back home to see my Sleep Tea has arrived!
 Out comes Kane to make more cake...
 Has a sneaky coffee while cake is in the oven.
 Nice magazine come through the post...↑
 The drive is coming along...
 Enjoying the blue skies...↑
The sun is going, going, gone...
 Another Birthday tomorrow...
More balloons,
More homemade cake
Homemade card... 


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Giving Them A Good Bang!

I had far too much Birthday excitment yesterday, needed some sleepy tea to get back off to sleep Zzzzz
(The wind was giving my wind chimes a good bang!) 
One son stopped home
(His school was still shut)
The other son had to go to school
(He is hoping the school will be closed tomorrow)
Still freezing with dollops of snow..↓↓
 My Birthday cards look nice in the window↓
 Now for a little nibble...
Replaced all the net curtains in the kitchen..
Put warmer curtains up as well.
Now to do some chopping for evening meal.
Dished it up...
Hunter Chicken with rice.
It took hubby 90 minutes to get back from work
(It normally takes him 45 minutes)
Looks like I going to have company tomorrow....
Time to charge the mouth battery....:)