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Thursday 7 July 2022

Watch Out, For The Woman In The Lumo Coat!

If you think it's difficult to meet people, try picking up the wrong golf ball - Jack Lemmon
Welcome to my Thursday 😎
Time for Heardle.
Heardle 60s:
My son's answers for Heardle↓
Time for Breakfast and Brew.
Now out for a little ride in Sexy Beast.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one.
I put on my Summer coat and went to get my newspaper.
I came out the newsagent, just stepped into the side road, when a Black Range Rover appeared speeding, I had to step back on the pavement.
Wearing my lumo coat, and they couldn't see me crossing the road!
Talk about trying to runover a lollipop lady!
Walked back to Sexy Beast to pick up my big stick.
Turns on my lights.
Now to go to work 🍭
Lorry parking on the double yellow lines opposite me again.
Having fun with that.
Once that went, another lorry actually parked on the pavement so the mothers with pushchairs..
A few BOINGs given out, especially for the cars on the other side of the road.
Finished in one piece.
Now off to see the Nurse.
Sat in the waiting room for half an hour with my face mask.
Sees the Nurse.
Out, and back home.
Coffee machine back on...
Waters all the plants.
Washing machine back on.
Coffee Time
Hangs the washing on the line.
Easy lunch.
Time for to add more factor 50 sunscream before I go out to do the second part.
I put on good song on repeat on the way to work...
Big big glasses went on..
Puts on the summer coat,
Turns on my lights.
Gets my ice lolly.
Gets my big stick,
Sits in the park in the shade...
Both friends turn up...
Time for a little rabbit...
It was nice cool under the tree.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Now to start the afternoon shift....
I felt like an ice cream.....
Melting was I...
Car drivers were still not stopping on the otherside.
Boing, Boing, Boing.
Was glad to finish in one piece.
Back home.
Time for a brew!
Put the Quiche in the oven.
Got the salad done.
Hubby came home and had a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹
Quiche with salad was nice.
Now for a look in today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1960:
Jimmy Jones - Good Timin'
UK No.1 on this day in 1966:
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
USA No.1 on this day in 1962:
David Rose - The Stripper 
USA No.1 on this day in 1973:
Billy Preston - Will It Go Round in Circles.
After watering the plants.
Off to bed early with my Sleep Tea.
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈





Wednesday 10 July 2019

Sweating Off The Chins!

Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll end up with a faceful of rain -George Carlin
Welcome to my warm Hump of the week πŸͺ
I decided to wear a good t-shirt today..
The bad mood has lifted...
I hope I have a better day than yesterday!
I gave everyone sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before they all left.
I enjoyed coffee and nibbles before I had to do my chores..
 I caught up with yesterday's blog post.
Hung washing on line.
Put the dishwasher on.
Nice early lunch time↓
 Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel🎑
 Big sunglasses timeπŸ•Ά
Quick read of the newspaper↓
 It might be cloudy,
But it's WARM!
 Nice shady spot↑
I ended up with a deeper red face than my red my t-shirt!!!
Sweat was dripping off me when I got  finished.
 My Amazon order left by my front door↓
 I jumped into a cold shower to cool down
Followed by a cold...
 Off to other job.
Someone had made a nice cake...↓
 I had another red face when I finished.
 Is it going to rain I wonder?
Garden does need it.
After our tea,
I went off to do my final job of the day,
with some great music..
 I gave the garden a good water.
I could feel spots of rain...
The next room that is going to be given a upgrade is the dining room.
I think a trip to Ikea is needed over the weekend!
Leaves reviews on Amazon,
I have bought over 111 items in the last 6🎈
Now to use those earplugs....


Friday 5 July 2019

Somewhere Down The Crazy Friday...

Rams can service, shall we say, up to 80 females in a day - Sam Neill
Woo hoo....
It's come round once more \o/
The bedroom is nearly done...
I gave everyone sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before they left.
I had more sorting out of crap before the temperatures go up↗↗↗↗
E25 code came on the dishwasher...
(Hubby can sort it out later)
Now to enjoy some Friday Feeling.. 
Early lunch 
 out in the lovely sunshine..
 Big sunglasses time!πŸ•Ά
I had a quick look in the newspaper↓
 It is Robbie Roberson's 76th Birthday today.
I played his 1987's self-titled album to death
(Until the tape couldn't play no more!)
 (Brilliant album)
It was my co-worker's last day. She had more flowers and cards.
Guess who is doing her job for the remaining 2 weeks????
I had a nice red face when I finished!
 When I got home I need a very big lolly!
 I came back from my second job...
 Needing another lolly....
I got the tea in the oven.
Then off to fetch a nice picture for our bedroom wall...
We came back to enjoy fish cakes and salad.
While my hubby went to see my dad.
I went off to do my final job of the week with some great music..
It was still light at ten pm when I got back↓
 The picture got put up on the wall...
(Picture of it tomorrow)
I found more nice pictures for the bathroom.
(Pick up for them is Tuesday)
Just had time to watch the paper review before I dropped off to Zzzzz