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Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Wind Is Going Well Wild!

The wind plays its own music - Bert McCoy
 The wind was banging my wind chimes really loud at 4.10am......
We had a nice lie-in...
Heard a nice tune for a Sunday...↓
 Tea time....
Playing I spy with a toilet tube....↓
 Wow look what the wind has done to my garden!!!↓
 Those dark clouds are coming over...
Now for a good workout with Henry..↓
Feel better after that!
Now for ping time!
 Back out in the wind..
 While in Morrison's
I noticed a good magazine...↓
 Then a great tune came on....
I just had to sing along...
(The looks I had.....)
We gets back to enjoy a nibble...
While drawing the curtains in the Dining Room.
I came across a great CD I listened to alot....
 I used to have the film poster as well.
(The film is on my highly recommended list)
I thought I can play the CD tomorrow on the way back to work....
Opened up the CD case, no CD in it...!!!!
Birthdays Time. 
 Alan Cumming: Scottish actor,(Goldeneye) is 54 years old.
 Gillian Gilbert: English musician and singer, best known as the keyboardist and guitarist of the band New Order is 58 years old.
Thomas Crapper: English plumber and inventor (ballcock), dies at 73 in 1910
André the Giant: was a French professional wrestler (WWE) and actor.(The Princess Bride) died aged 46 in 1993.

"Heartbreak Hotel", single released by Elvis Presley, his first million-selling single in 1956.
But first, we are watching a great film all ready for Monday....↓
I'm getting ready to mount that wobbly work wheel for tomorrow.....



Thursday, 1 March 2018

Giving Them A Good Bang!

I had far too much Birthday excitment yesterday, needed some sleepy tea to get back off to sleep Zzzzz
(The wind was giving my wind chimes a good bang!) 
One son stopped home
(His school was still shut)
The other son had to go to school
(He is hoping the school will be closed tomorrow)
Still freezing with dollops of snow..↓↓
 My Birthday cards look nice in the window↓
 Now for a little nibble...
Replaced all the net curtains in the kitchen..
Put warmer curtains up as well.
Now to do some chopping for evening meal.
Dished it up...
Hunter Chicken with rice.
It took hubby 90 minutes to get back from work
(It normally takes him 45 minutes)
Looks like I going to have company tomorrow....
Time to charge the mouth battery....:) 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Let It Get Windy...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
Once my work was done....
I felt a Dunelm Experience coming on the horizon!
Wish my living room looked like this ↓
This would look nice in my bedroom↓
(But got no room!)
I could break in the below bed quite easily if I was allowed!↓
I could well imagine hubby and me rolling around on the sheepskin rug in front of the telly on those winter nights, trying to keep warm đŸ¤£↓
I had a little visit to the Dentist.
£20.60 + free tube of toothpaste for my trouble.
I unpacked my nice reduced items from Dunelm...\o/
After I had run out of paint, while painting my 1950's unit.
I helped my handyman son put my bird feeder stand together.
Followed by the hanging of the owl wind chimes!