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Sunday 20 October 2019

At Least It's Not All Off!

"Conversation" is when three women stand on the corner talking.
 "Gossip" is when one of them leaves - Herb Shriner
Welcome to my Sunday.
Going to feel like a million dollars and lose two stone in half an hour....later.
 But first a nice cuddles and a cup of tea in bed.
Once up and dressed.
We were out for a little ride....
 It's chop chop time.
 Far too cold for a shaved head.
So I chose the coconut style instead, called a Pixie cut.
Once all done,I felt like I had lost 2 stone & felt like Princess!
We decided to visit the Co-Op store that had a million pound make-over.
There were so many reduced items,
We needed a bigger trolley.
I bumped into two ex-customers I used to deliver their mail too.
Had a quick catch-up.
Once we paid for the shopping.
(We saved ourselves £36.33,because the items were reduced)
I bumped into another customer in the car park.I told him when I am starting my Lollipop 🍭job next month.
(He is on the Warwickshire Country Council) 
The coffee was nice from the Costa Coffee machine↓
 I popped into see my dad.
I told him the reason why I haven't been round to see him, (His lady friend was shit-stirring)
I ripped off my hat to show him my cool hairstyle
"At least it's not all off!" He said.
Back home to unload shopping.
We had a light lunch,
Before we hit town.
The view from Car Park 4 
 We bumped into an old friend of my hubby's for a quick chat.
Then I bumped into an old friend too for hugs and chats as well.
We nipped into Debenhams for a look around.
 Nice lamp, nice price!
Then off to get some bits from Lidl↓
 I picked up a nice throw from Dunelm for £4.20 in their sale.
Looks nice on the bed↓
 We used the new cooker to cook a roast chicken dinner for tea.
My homemade rice pudding turned out even better than I thought it would do!
 My kids wanted more!
We caught up with more 
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow..
Now to try out that new blanket on the bed! 


Friday 12 May 2017

Smoking Hot!

Welcome to wet Friday.
Changes to the wellies from the sunglasses.
Dried out at:
Hopefully it won't be long before the sunglasses can come out!
Had coffee,toast and chat.
Visited Asda afterwards.
Got a nicely reduced items for tea tonight!
Before I dished up the tea.
I had to let my roller boots cool down,
 As they were smoking hot!
(From getting all my jobs done!)

Thursday 16 March 2017

Yellow Stickers Galore!

Where has the sun gone?
Cloudy,overcast, and cold.
I went on a  food shopping trip with Larry.
 Loads of reduced food I bought.
I had a upgrade on my trainers...
(As I have holes appearing in the old ones)
 Now to break them in...

Sunday 11 September 2016

Counting To Ten....

Made the most of this Sunday...
Had a lie in....
Played with gear stick too...
Even had some sunshine!
 Had to buy some new shoes, as my trainers are off to trainer Heaven!
Even got some decent reduced food and a free coffee at Waitrose..
 The downside of today:
 The boat has docked in the Hunt for Red October...
No nookie for 5 days
 I will be .......
more angrier  than normal...grrrrrrrr

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Kissing The Back Of Larry!

It was so hot last night, we have to resort to desperate measures..
We had to sleep on top of our 16 tog duvet, it was so hot!
It was getting quite warm doing the first shift of Job 1
So where else better to go besides home to keep cool?
That's right, Waitrose!
Air conditioned, free coffee and reduced food...
 Comes out to load up the shopping in Larry.
Only find someone kissing the bottom of Larry!
Put the shopping on back seat..and back to singing along with the 1970's tunes..



Sunday 1 May 2016

Keep It Coming Love!!

Welcome to May!
After playing with the sausage of life this morning,
Dragged the exhausted hubby out of bed,
We went off to Evesham Country Park
How come it always rains when we go???
Done a lot of window shopping....
Popped into M&S on the way back,
Got lots of reduced food.
Hubby is drinking lucozade, as he needs the energy tonight....
Making the most of him tonight, as it's Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow...
No rest for the wicked....!

Sunday 10 January 2016

Shaking My Tail Feather!

Hubby had a visit from Doctor Love last night.
He feels a lot lot better now ;P
We visited the new branch of M&S in Longbridge.
Wow and its massive was our views on it.
Had loads of reduced food (just waiting for me to add to my basket)
Didn't try their takeaway coffee, had a reduced price  smoothie instead.
It was getting so cold outside.
So back home, to try the new bag of M&S filter coffee we bought.
Then to dust down the wobbly work wheel for tomorrow...

Sunday 20 September 2015

Licking The Strawberry....

Woo hoo it's Sunday once more.
As normal,I took full advantage of a sleeping hubby ;)
I visited two, yes TWO branches of Waitrose today.
Got loads of reduced food from both of them.
My younger son picked up a reduced item and asked:
"What is this for?"
"Oh to make your mum very happy!"
In the trolley it went.
Let's hope tomorrow, no one asks:
 "Who's been playing with the Strawberry?"

Sunday 23 August 2015

It's Getting Well Steamy In Here!

We got up early on  Sunday morning (must be mad!)
We visited the car boot at Long Marston.
Next was to get the refund for the coffee I was charged for last week at Waitrose.
I did however have a cheeky free coffee, and got loads of reduced food.
We looked around Stratford Upon Avon before it started to rain.
I had a battle on my hands with a woman in the food hall in Marks and Spencer
I had got most of the reduced food, even before she reached for what was left!
I came back to finally finish book 5 of The Sleepily Village Mysteries.
My hubby is proof reading it at the moment.
He replied,"There is a LOT of SEX in this one!".
I winked, and said, "We can practise some of what you 
have read so far.....later ;p"

Sunday 10 May 2015

Reaching For The Gardening Gloves...

We reached Sunday safely.
We have fitted in so much today I am amazed!
Tidied the garden,mowed the lawn, and weeded.
Off to get more plants, most were off the reduced stand.
Had my free coffee,free magazine & reduced lunch from Waitrose.
Even had time to look around the Jinny Ring....
Got back just in time to replant all the flowers we bought today.
Great family effort to start a new week!

Thursday 5 March 2015

Time To Relax & Chill

Today I am in relax mode.
Crossed  64 adults and children over the road during my first job.
Then I went to look round my local shopping centre.
I soon was getting quite warm,
First the scarf came off, hat, and then jumper.
I used my Birthday present off my hubby for the first time!
It kept all the shopping in, except the bag of reduced Marks and Spencer's food.
Nice to chill with a takeaway coffee, read my favourite newspaper, and not have to worry about chocolate teapots!

Monday 15 December 2014

Reduced, Reduced,Reduced!

I popped into my local Tescos to get some female supplies.
I noticed the reduced stand was rather full.
So I stocked up soup and chopped tomatoes!
When it gets really cold, soup is the answer!
It's amazing what you can rustle up with a tin of chopped tomatoes at short notice!