Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 23 August 2015

It's Getting Well Steamy In Here!

We got up early on  Sunday morning (must be mad!)
We visited the car boot at Long Marston.
Next was to get the refund for the coffee I was charged for last week at Waitrose.
I did however have a cheeky free coffee, and got loads of reduced food.
We looked around Stratford Upon Avon before it started to rain.
I had a battle on my hands with a woman in the food hall in Marks and Spencer
I had got most of the reduced food, even before she reached for what was left!
I came back to finally finish book 5 of The Sleepily Village Mysteries.
My hubby is proof reading it at the moment.
He replied,"There is a LOT of SEX in this one!".
I winked, and said, "We can practise some of what you 
have read so far.....later ;p"

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