Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 20 October 2019

At Least It's Not All Off!

"Conversation" is when three women stand on the corner talking.
 "Gossip" is when one of them leaves - Herb Shriner
Welcome to my Sunday.
Going to feel like a million dollars and lose two stone in half an hour....later.
 But first a nice cuddles and a cup of tea in bed.
Once up and dressed.
We were out for a little ride....
 It's chop chop time.
 Far too cold for a shaved head.
So I chose the coconut style instead, called a Pixie cut.
Once all done,I felt like I had lost 2 stone & felt like Princess!
We decided to visit the Co-Op store that had a million pound make-over.
There were so many reduced items,
We needed a bigger trolley.
I bumped into two ex-customers I used to deliver their mail too.
Had a quick catch-up.
Once we paid for the shopping.
(We saved ourselves £36.33,because the items were reduced)
I bumped into another customer in the car park.I told him when I am starting my Lollipop 🍭job next month.
(He is on the Warwickshire Country Council) 
The coffee was nice from the Costa Coffee machine↓
 I popped into see my dad.
I told him the reason why I haven't been round to see him, (His lady friend was shit-stirring)
I ripped off my hat to show him my cool hairstyle
"At least it's not all off!" He said.
Back home to unload shopping.
We had a light lunch,
Before we hit town.
The view from Car Park 4 
 We bumped into an old friend of my hubby's for a quick chat.
Then I bumped into an old friend too for hugs and chats as well.
We nipped into Debenhams for a look around.
 Nice lamp, nice price!
Then off to get some bits from Lidl↓
 I picked up a nice throw from Dunelm for £4.20 in their sale.
Looks nice on the bed↓
 We used the new cooker to cook a roast chicken dinner for tea.
My homemade rice pudding turned out even better than I thought it would do!
 My kids wanted more!
We caught up with more 
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow..
Now to try out that new blanket on the bed! 


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